Got a business, a website … but no promotional video that handily explains your business in a minute in a way that you can’t?

If so, you could be falling behind rivals who know that video marketing is now the most popular form of online marketing. In this article, we’re going to give you the lowdown on exactly why promotional videos are the need of the hour for every business.

In case you didn’t know it, so many businesses now have promotional videos that neatly but entertainingly explain what it is their business does.

These videos are usually a minute long, are often animated, and are designed to grab the attention of a prospective customer in a way that text can’t.

Many businesses are following the example of Dropbox, who hired a video production company to craft them a short explainer video that showed their site visitors exactly what it is they do.

That video has been viewed 25,000,000 times (and counting). It’s worked wonders for spreading the word of Dropbox.

The thing with Dropbox and their explainer video is that they’ve always been an online-based company. What if your company sells plumbing services or sound equipment? Do you still need a video? Absolutely!

As you’re well aware, every single business around the world has been forced to consider whether or not they need to enter the digital world and set up a website.

Most have decided that Yes, they totally do.


For many reasons! They need to go online in order to get more clients and not lose out to rivals, buy up ad space and generally spread the word of their company.

promotional video for a company is a must

promotional video for a company is a must

More and more people are spending time online. Print newspapers know this, which is why they’ve been shocked into seeking an agreement with Facebook and Google so that they don’t get wiped off the face of the earth.

Moreover, by 2020 it’s forecast that over half the world’s population will be coming online.

“Okay, okay. I get it,” we hear you saying. “It’s important that my business goes digital. But what has this got to do with promotional videos?”

Let’s take a look at some quick stats:

The last one is the icing on the cake. It means that video is the most popular form of content.

Why? Because it works. It converts. It encourages engagement. People just love to watch videos, and have been doing since the early days of silent cinema.

Promotional videos raise awareness of your brand, and play a key part in your sales funnel.

And we’re pretty sure that among those 87% of online marketers are your competitors. Are you ready to join in the fun and beat them at their game? Here are some reasons why you need to have a promotional video that explains to the world who you are and what you do:

Promotional Videos Build Trust And Confidence

What’s the one thing you need before you can become a big player in the business world? You need to build trust and confidence among your potential customers.

Think of your go-to brands. Who do you shop with whenever you want sunglasses? Who do you listen to whenever you need some knowledge bombs on a particular subject? It’s always the brands you know and trust.

An easy way to build trust among your potential customers is to make a short explainer video. This gives the viewer a chance to see your company. It makes you more real and more memorable.

All of a sudden, you’re tangible. You’re not just text on a screen.

Promotional Videos Are Important For SEO

SEO might sound really boring and square when all you want to do is focus on your business and make sales.

But SEO should a key part of your online marketing strategy, and all the top brands around the world are implementing it.

Essentially, SEO – search engine optimisation – is what gets your website noticed on Google. If you employ good SEO practices, your page can scale the heights of Google and get onto the top of page one. Awesome!

Any SEO expert will tell you that embedding a YouTube video on your website is an easy way to boost your rankings. This is because Google loves outbound links to authoritative sites – especially YouTube.

And embedding a video itself is also great for SEO. We’re not going to go too deeply into why Google is so in love with videos, but a few reasons include:

  • Google owns YouTube
  • Videos take a lot less time to index than articles (articles can take days, videos take just a few minutes)
  • Videos come with pictures attached that show up in the results, articles don’t

Promotional Videos Have Excellent ROI

Guess what? Promotional videos don’t always have to be so expensive to make. As such, their return on investment can be astounding.

Simply put, your video can boost leads, visits and sales – all from something that needn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The ROI of a promotional video is down to a few reasons. For one thing, videos are the thing people usually see first when they click on a web page. They’re like magnets that we can’t help but click on. We see a video and boom! We just wanna press play.

Promotional videos also contain calls to action, which gives the viewer the opportunity to do the one thing you want them to do. And because promo videos are so short, there’s no reason why someone won’t watch all the way to the end – provided your video is awesome, of course.

Videos also let you measure their success. Video metrics means you can track engagement, finding out what works in a video and what doesn’t. Once you’re aware of this invaluable information, you can then make the necessary adjustments.

And in case you need a stat to go with all that, videos showed up in 70% of Google’s top 100 search listings in 2012. Wow!!

Promotional Videos Explain What You Can’t

If we said to you right now, “explain your business to us in one minute,” would you be able to do it?


But possibly not.

In fact, if you ask most people to sell themselves or their business in just a minute, they’d probably really struggle.

Five minutes would pass and they still wouldn’t have got to the point.

A short promotional video explains your business so that you don’t have to.

Even better, it does it in a way that you can’t. It does it with animations, funny stories, gimmicks, great characters and some technical wizardry.

It does it in a visually compelling, memorable way that beats your explanation hands down, using emotion, humour, and cats (last one optional).

Mobile Users Love Videos

Ever sat on a long commute and whiled away the time watching videos? We all have. You’re bored, you whip your phone out, and you play a video.

Imagine all the promo videos that are being played on commutes while you’re still sat in the office, wondering if you should make a promo video, too?

“Hmm, should I or shouldn’t I? That is the question.”

There is only one answer – you should. Right now.

For the first time ever, online mobile usage has overtaken online desktop usage in some countries. And the gap between the two is going to keep on getting bigger and bigger. There is no going back.

Since the number of people watching videos from their phone is only going to keep growing, it mean that so, too, is your audience.

Don’t let them down. Catch them on their way to or from work. Catch them as they’re waiting for a train or a plane. They’re waiting for you. They want something to entertain them!

Promotional Videos Compel Even Lazy People To Take Action

Ever lazily scrolled down your Facebook newsfeed?

No? Oh come on! You do it every day and you know it.

You open Facebook and then scroll down, bored and listless. You’re not even absorb anything! You’re on autopilot, scrolling just for the sake of it.

“Oh, look. Another baby picture. Yawn.”

Then, a cool-looking promo video snaps you out of your lazy trance. You were SO close to falling asleep, but now you’re suddenly wide awake again. This video looks awesome!

You watch to the end and even take action.

Cool, engaging videos do that.

They don’t just engage people who are already switched on – they engage even the laziest and tired among us who don’t even know what we’re doing on Facebook.

The ability to rouse even the most disengaged among us is one of the most powerful attributes of promotional videos, and is a key reason why businesses are harnessing them, especially on social media.

They disrupt peoples’ newsfeed, waking them up, and getting them interested.

Convinced that your company needs a promotional video to explain what it is you do?

We are here to help. We listen to your ideas, add our own, and cook up a storming video that engages your audience. Whether you need a webmercial, a promotional video or a corporate training video, our affordable video marketing solutions will help to strengthen your brand online.

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