Producing video or any other type of valuable content requires a lot of time and money. And it is definitely not nice watching your precious content disappear in the depths of a news feed. These days such feeds act more like a wormhole.

By some reports, organic reach in Facebook with the latest algorithmic updates is set for an additional round of decline. Slowly and discreetly, based on rising value of FB`s shares, FB ads and decreased organic reach, I can’t help but to think that FB`s bubble will explode anytime now. Reminds me of a classic hype.

Because of fast disappearing content in news feed, there is never enough content that needs to be published.

If you are an underdog like us, without outreach marketing capacities or an advertising budget which could help you get in front of our targeted audience, your reach is limited.

But on the other side, when you are out of money, you tend to become more creative. It’s just a like mouse who is hungry will always find a way out of a labyrinth faster than the mouse who is full.

In this case study, you’ll learn how to repurpose your video’s material and its source files. We’ll act smarter by utilizing Pareto leverage, who said that by focusing on the most important 10% you can yield 90% of results.

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Here is how…you can call it a hack, but the truth is that we are all broke 🙂

Now if we wouldn`t been broke, we would very probably act like majority of online businesses do when it comes to their explainer or promotional video production.

They invest their hard earned money in video and when they get it, that is where the story ends. Of course not all the blame goes to them, but it goes also to production houses who are missing out on opportunity to upsell their services.

To me, to invest 2 months of time and over $1000 to take only video, doesn’t make any sense. And this is what we’ll try to fix here.

Let’s look at one of the videos we did for our own promotion as a part of video series where we try to raise an awareness on certain questionable moral and ethical topics in the world.

The video in question is US Tax Debt visualized. First of course we’ve produced the script (originally we took script from Sovereign man`s blog post we liked so much) , storyboard and animated it into a compelling video:

Video Distribution

We’ll skip this one as it is a common sense that once you have video, to publish it on as many video sharing websites and social media channels as possible.

Add voice over script in video`s description section

The first thing after that we did, despite how obvious it sounds: but believe me or not, not many business do, is to add voice over text in the video`s description section and as an SRT file; which serves as subtitles. This not only ads to better user experience but it also ads to search engine benefits.



video description

video description


Turn video graphics into powerpoint and submitted it to SlideShare.

As you know SlideShare is owned by Linkedin and as that in the eyes of search engines is an authority website. Because of its strength, don’t`t be surprised if you find SlideShare`s link outranking your original link.

 Additionally you could create PDFs with added links and share it among document sharing websites.

 Turn video graphics into static infographic and submit it to

In our case we’ve submited Infographic to the biggest infographic directory  As is an authority website it can happen that its link will outrank your original post.

Additionally you can submit your infographic to multiple infographic directories online. Here is a great resource on 150 + infographic directories.

Turn Video Graphics into an animated infographic blog post

Impossible to embed it here, thus you can see it at this link: animated infographic production.

Having an animated interactive infographic blog post is the best thing you can do in terms of offering your visitors a superior user experience for which they’ll be happy to reward you with further sharing.

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Adding at the end, sharing buttons, optin form for lead magnet and commenting module, makes your infographic a supreme interactive gem, that will easily help you convert your engaged audience into leads.

It is not only them who like this type of content, it is also a search engine.

Ideally if you want to overtake your competition now is the time to turn all your blog posts into an animated interactive infographic. For full list of its benefits click on my previous animated infographic blog post.

Out of main video, produce multiple short length viral social media videos

Here we have three videos, despite we’ve produced a total of six of them (with three more to upload). What these videos do is, they attract views because of their super short length – 15 seconds. Besides that they offer more opportunities to lead traffic either to original video or to your landing page.


Utilizing the above leverage of recycling and repurposing video’s source files, we managed to show you in this case study an additional four variations or original video.

Of course, the potential for recycling is almost unlimited, and you can have an in depth look to 20 plus video recycling variations on my previous post.

And when it comes to social media’s news feed`s wormhole, you have constant influx on content that you can rotate and make it easier for your viewers to not miss it.

Not to mention that when you are submitting recycled content with different keyword variations, thanks to authority sites, you can easily outrank your original content. This increases your chances of getting found online as people are looking for you with different keywords.

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On the majority of submitted sites there are sharing buttons and embed options available, which means that viewers who are always on the hunt for some interesting content are happy to share it and potentially make it viral sensation.

For many business this might be an extra step and it may require an additional process and system set-up, but going an extra mile has proven many times to bring you to success faster.

The only downside of content repurposing might be its costs, but looking at it long term, it is more of an investment.

Numbers don’t`t lie: Let’s look at data we’ve gathered and see why.

Let’s roughly compare what usual business does and what we did.

Assume that usual business manages to submit their video only to YouTube and embed it to their site. That would result in total of 3143 YouTube views.

We’ve submitted video to Facebook and got 440 views.
Based on our website traffic analytics, to our animated infographic blog post we’ve received 647 views.
SlideShare`s powerpoint submission gave us 1251 views.
While three short Fb videos combined gave us 445 views.

Roughly we can say that instead of only YouTube`s 3143 views, we’ve generated an additional 2783 views or in total 5926 views. Which is a 46% increase in views.



recycle your video

recycle your video

We, Video Chef, are a pretty small and young business without much traffic and merely 1000 Fb followers. But imagine what would the same 46% views increase mean for a bigger business with greater following, without mentioning to add a paid advertising into the mix.

This is basically how successful online campaigns are made.

The sheer benefits of video content repurposing arise from backlinking and seo to spreading your content all over the web; thereby increasing brand exposure, lead generation and sales.

And how are you repurposing your content, mind sharing some of your data and why are you not recycling yet?

Get in touch if you need help with your content recycling. All we need is your blog post. We have a perfect system in place to do it for you.