Want to know why your company page needs a LinkedIn video?


3 questions: Does your company want more exposure, more leads and more of an audience on LinkedIn? Do you wish your page was seen by more people? Do you wish you could raise more awareness of your brand on LinkedIn?


If you answered yes to all three questions, this is why your company page needs a LinkedIn video.


We know how it is: Attracting leads on LinkedIn isn’t easy. Perhaps your company has been on there for ages but still not much has changed. There has to be some way of finding the right leads among 500,000,000 LinkedIn users, right?


There is, and with the introduction of native video on the platform, this is your chance to start generating more leads.


Native video is a relatively new feature that was rolled out towards the end of 2017. Previously, LinkedIn only allowed companies to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos. This worked for some of us, but with native videos that you can place directly onto your page and promote, companies have a far better chance of massively boosting reach and engagement. This means more leads, conversions, sales, business deals and more.


Not convinced that your company page needs a video on LinkedIn? Here are 7 reasons why your company page needs a LinkedIn video.


Video’s Build Trust With People


How important is it that people trust your brand? Well, without trust, no one is going to buy from you or do business with you. People need to trust you and your product/service.


LinkedIn has always been very text-heavy over the years. But it’s a networking platform designed to put businesses in touch with other businesses, employers in touch with employees, and brands in touch with their audiences.


When you’re trying to make a connection with people and build trust, text alone just doesn’t cut it. The best way to establish trust and build confidence in your brand is via video.


For example, consider an explainer video. An explainer video helpfully explains what it is that your business does to people in around two minutes or less. It identifies consumer pain points before demonstrating how it will solve them.


It’s this kind of value that helps to build trust between companies and prospects who are otherwise unconvinced.


Consider a company story video, too. A company story video tells your story, highlighting your company values and giving prospects a glimpse into the real you. Without this kind of video, a company might still be a faceless entity who people are finding it hard to trust.


It’s the same with product videos, too. As the stats show, product videos help us make better buying decisions.


Because videos give a face to your company and engage people with positive, friendly and helpful content, they can establish trust on LinkedIn that might otherwise not be there.


Videos are a Great Way To Reach Millennials


It’s 2018 and so much has changed in the marketing world, and the change is largely driven by millennials who love 2 things:


1) Video content


2) Experiences


The reason video marketing is so hot? Millennials.


The reason so much video content gets shared? Millennials.


Millennials are America’s biggest generation. They’re everywhere, which means that if you run an online business, it’s highly likely that millennials make up a core part of your target audience.


As the biggest generation in America, millennials are shaping the economic landscape and disrupting technology. According to a survey, 98% of them say they want to be immersed in a marketing experience and that they’d probably go ahead and buy a product if a brand immersed them in a marketing campaign. Millennials value experiences over just stuff. They’re willing to share your content and interact with your videos if you give them a real connection. In short, millennials are a major reason why your company page needs a LinkedIn video.


According to stats, Millennials make up almost 40% of LinkedIn’s user base. That’s a lot. According to a recent study by LinkedIn themselves, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. Basic math tells us that they’ll then make up even more of LinkedIn’s user base.


As well as video content, millennials love to network. Put the two together and you’ve got a huge chance of reaching more leads on LinkedIn.


What does this mean? Millennials don’t want to be sold to. Instead of pure selling, your video needs to offer value. Use it to build rapport and engagement, and create awareness of your brand. Don’t use LinkedIn as a place to pitch; use it instead as an arena where you make a connection with people via video.

Video Catches People’s Attention


Not only can you place a video on your LinkedIn company’s page, you can also advertise your video so that more people see it.


Talk about an awesome pattern disrupt tactic, eh?!


Video is a fantastic way to catch people’s attention. If your video is short (2 minute or less videos perform better than longer ones), entertaining, to-the-point, colourful and ultimately engaging, it’s got a great chance of stopping people in their tracks so that they sit up and watch what you’ve got to say.


Video Marketing Works


The stats are all on the side of video marketing. 87% of online marketers already use video content, which begs the question – why wouldn’t you use it on your LinkedIn page?


There are more stats we can reel off:


  • 51% of marketers reckon video has more ROI than any other type of content.
  • Videos are shared 1200% more times on social media than images and text put together.
  • 36% of users trust video ads
  • 46% of users taking some sort of action after viewing a video


Native Videos Have More Reach


Although LinkedIn native videos is still a new feature, check this stat out from Facebook: Facebook vides have a 10x higher viral reach than videos that link out to YouTube.


In a case study, social media examiner found that their brand new native video on LinkedIn achieved 20,000 more views in a matter of days than a video linking out to YouTube ever did.


This tells us that native content works better than content that’s linking out to other website. It’s much easier for a user to stay on the same site than it is for them to click and be taken elsewhere.


Native content tends to do better than embedded content for the simple reason that it’s content that people expect to find on that platform.


For example, users go to Vine for short, funny videos, just like they visit a website for actionable information or twitter to quickly catch up on the news in a few characters.


Once you start giving them content that’s alien to the platform, you risk losing that crucial engagement.


Video Gives You The Chance To Express Your Ideas


Remember how we said earlier that millennials – and people in general in 2018 – don’t want to be sold to? Well, video gives you the chance to not sell but instead express your ideas on LinkedIn.


This is a great way for you to raise awareness of your brand and its values.


Of course, we’re not all good at expressing our ideas, especially via the written word. But this is where video comes in.


A video – particularly an explainer video – lets your company communicate its ideas to the LinkedIn world. This is the direction that marketing is heading in, and since LinkedIn is now letting you do it on its platform, why wouldn’t you take up the opportunity?


Finally, This Is Your Chance To Be An Early Adopter


Media channels allow you to build big audiences, but those who get in there first tend to create the biggest ones. People who blogged before anyone else are now reaping the rewards. Early on, they positioned themselves as the experts and ate up the market share. There was no one else doing what they were doing. Anyone who comes along now and wants to do what they’re doing will find it impossible to knock them off top spot.


Gary Vaynerchuk talks a lot about how he was an early adopter of YouTube. His wine channel was getting thousands of views and lots of engagement because he got in there first.


Just like Facebook Live, LinkedIn’s native video feature will eventually go huge. Before you know it, every single company will have a video – including your rivals, who will steal your audience …


… Unless, of course, you become an early adopter and get there first. If you wait too long, the market might become over-saturated and you’ll struggle to stand out.


Consider the likes of Periscope and Blab. These video apps came and went because they were too saturated. It was impossible for businesses to get themselves noticed.


Is now the best ever time to create a video for your company page on LinkedIn? It’s hard to say. But it’s still a very good time. Beat the crowd and beat your rivals to the punch. Upload a company video that explains who you are.


Have you had any success so far with a LinkedIn video? Let us know in the comments below!