Alcohol In Stomach Visualized, hey, stomach whats up man, this is just a bear, you know looking for a little party hang out
Alcohol In Stomach VisualizedKnockHey Stomach whats up man, this is just a bear, you know looking for a little party hang out. You know everyone, you know Coors Lights, Sam Adams, bags, huns Hello !He is just crazy manAlright, come on in just keep it down all you understand Are you sure because her is like 20 of us here man.Beer goes and have a good time now …. “THE PARTY” people find out about partiesso does the other liquor Next thing you know couple Scottish to show up.Knockalready a stoma could you gotta the party going on in there they could be seeing something pidepipers what do you see. HOw I do know!com on show him Just wanna blaz it out.Scoot is just walking around with his boysBoys look at them look at sa. Look at them Look at them Oha Heineken, right here you yah rack bastarda … hun likhaand now there is lot of tension, you cna feel it goin on in there,but now every one is showing up gager misters and sam boga soccy KnockOh what a party here to night, ohna big party coma heelp here all my friends I ammaNow the place is pack is it lot of tension every thing getting out of controlHey Hey come on guys I am not gona take again keep it down, Fade up the hear now!And thats when the crazy people always crash a partwho always shows up at the edn sof the nighty Tocela, and Tequila doens’t show alone they are always 8-9 of them lines up,KnockHow are you doing Tequila… Listen...ALright its a little late, can’t let  you inside I am sorry,besides that I let you in 3 weeks ago you ruined the place you here meCome on man we will not start all throuw of man we just came here to have a good time rightright senior thats hey senior we left the worm back in the van he won’t mess with no body.Like and idot your stomach lets in one shot of Tequila And then he sneeks in all his friends when no body is looking Come on man their is no body looking now get your legs and get the worm we gete’m go get the e bon a abt a lanananana buf buf bufAlright thats it every one get out HEY HEY Oh what you doing not that way the way you came in lets go, Lets go haminate everybody out, go isis like a stuborn old hot dog “I have been here for 9 years this just can’t


CastVoice and sound from Jim Breuer's stand-up performance, Animation by Ahmed Bilal