Video marketing has been growing in importance for the last few years and building momentum. If you have a website and/or run an online business, it’s not only key that you get involved with video marketing – it’s also key that you stay on top of the best video marketing trends of 2018.


The Internet is one of those places where what was in fashion a few months ago won’t be now. This is the case with the whole gamut of digital marketing – from SEO, to content marketing to video marketing.


What worked last year for video marketers might not work now because peoples’ tastes are always changing.


But here’s the deal: Video marketing will always work in your favour if you get it right. Video content is watched by 82% of Twitter users, while almost 90% of online marketers are using video marketing. Your rivals are already making videos, which means that if you don’t, not only will you lose out to your rivals, you’ll also be leaving money on the table.


Why? Because video converts.


Check this stat from who did their own research: They found that site visitors were almost 145% more likely to buy from them if they could see a product video first.


Then there’s Advance Auto Parts who included how-to-videos on their site to see if this educational material would prove so useful to their customers that they would be more inclined to make a purchase. They found that people who watched the videos stayed on their site for double the amount of time than those who didn’t watch the videos.


Convinced by video marketing? Convincing you was the easy bit. Now let’s take a look at how you can execute by following the best video marketing trends of 2018:


Go Live


For a lot of online marketers, the thought of doing a live video can fill them with dread. If you’ve never done a live video before it can admittedly sound like a scary idea. However, this is something you’ll need to get over in 2018 because live streaming is:


a) Not that hard or scary


b) Popular with audiences – around 13% of web traffic now comes from live streams


Live streaming is a trend that started a few years back, and while the shyer people among us might have sat back and hoped for it to pass, it hasn’t. It’s here to stay and in 2018 you need to get onboard with it.


And hey, a live video doesn’t have to be an epic 2 hour show with special effects and guest stars. It can be a simple 10 minute Q&A with your audience.


If you’ve ever watched a live video on Facebook, you’ll know how simple it looks. There are no lighting effects, no gimmicks. Often, it’s just a single individual talking into the camera for a few minutes about a topic. You could even go live while taking your dog for a walk and answering a common question about your niche!


People like live videos because they’re informative, useful and they make you and your brand look authentic. You’re no longer hiding in the shadows while your customers ask, “does he respond to messages himself or is he in the Bahamas all the time?” Instead, you’re right here, building rapport with your customers.


Do it!



360 Degree Videos


Nowadays, your site visitors don’t have to view videos from where the camera is pointing: They can view things from every single direction and action.


360 degree vides have been around for a few years already, but they’ve not always been accessible to everyone. In 2017, more and more businesses were using them as a way to promote themselves online, and because the costs have come down as the advances in the equipment have gone up, we expect 360 degree videos to be even more popular in 2018.


And this means that you and your business needs to start using them.


You’re probably wondering how the heck you would create a 360 degree video?! Here’s an article that can help get you started.



Virtual Reality


We know what you’re saying:


“Oh come on! People have been talking about virtual reality since 1980. I’ll believe it when I see it!”


True, people have been talking excitedly about virtual reality before some of us were even born. However – and you’ve probably heard this before – 2018 really is expected to be the year that VR videos finally take off in a BIG way.


Such talk reminds us of those who predict the world will end “this year.” But hear us out: In 2017, Facebook released Oculus Go, a VR headset that was warmly welcomed by the digital community who praised its user-friendliness. And because it’s the easiest way for anyone to be introduced to VR, it’s up to you to jump on this trend before your rivals.


YouTube already let you upload virtual reality videos to your channel, and there are lots of apps that help you create your own VR content. The biggest question you’re going to face is: What can I put in my virtual reality video?


The main thing to do is to avoid being a gimmick. Focus on creating fresh, original content that you know will look awesome in VR.



Cheaper Videos


All this talk of 360 degree cameras and Virtual Reality has probably left you squirming in your seat with the question, “So … how much is this gonna cost me?!”


The truth? Not a lot if you haven’t got the time to make a video yourself.


The cost of video marketing has come down a lot in recent years, so much so that it isn’t just the big companies that get to create awesome video content. We all deserve a stunning video for our website, and thanks to cost reduction we all can!


It’s just a case of finding budget online video production companies that are at the start of their careers and that are willing to put together an eye-catching video for you for not too much cash. These companies are out there; all you need to do is find them on Google and avoid the costly mistakes businesses make when working with video production companies.


Square Shaped Videos


Mobile usage is on the rise. It’s been on the rise for years and years already, but it’s going to keep momentum like a locomotive train. We’ve passed the so-called tipping point, with mobile usage finally surpassing desktop in 2016, but there are other stats that might blow your mind.


For example, we spend almost 70% of our media time on our phones. This means when folk are watching your videos, it’s highly likely that they’re watching them on their mobile devices.


What does this mean for you? It means you:


a) Need to make sure that your website is mobile responsive


b) Need to make sure that your videos are square shaped


Indeed, a top video marketing trend for 2018 is the square shaped video. This basically means that you format your videos so that they look good on peoples’ phones.


It’s all about improving the user experience. If your videos look awesome and are properly formatted, there’s a much better chance that people are going to keep watching them.





Video Stories have been around for a couple of years on social media. For example, SnapChat introduced their Stories feature back in 2013.


However, there’s also now Instagram Stories (where people upload short videos that disappear forever after 24 hours), Facebook Stories and pretty soon there’ll be YouTube Reels.


Stories make social media platforms even more interactive and fun. They also provide a bigger social vibe and make brands seem more personal while helping them build that all important rapport.


In 2018, we expect to see the Stories feature explode across a number of social media channels – and especially YouTube. Stay tuned with their Reels feature, as we expect big things from it.


Video Transcription


Ever transcribed your videos in the past? Now is the time to do it.


When you add a transcript to your video, you’re gaining some pretty big benefits. For one thing, a transcription means your video will start to rank on Google because the search engine will look for keywords in the transcript before positioning your video accordingly on the SERPs. This will improve your search visibility and land you more traffic.


And check this remarkable stat out: 85% of videos are watched without sound. This might be because people have to watch videos at work or while doing other things, such as feeding their children. And so they would prefer it if they could find a video that comes with a full transcript. If yours doesn’t come with a transcript? They’ll close it off and look for another.


Transcription doesn’t even need to take that much time but it’s well worth it.


These are the best video marketing trends of 2018. Remarkably, video marketing is still a hot trend. Is it in its infancy? Probably. Either way, you’re definitely not too late to get involved, but unless you make your move this year and transcribe your videos, go live, invest in a 360 degree camera and tell more stories, you might fall behind your rivals.


And if you want a professional video production company to do it all for you? Remember that it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.


Make a start and good luck!