What do you get when you combine two of the hottest online trends: videos and social media?

You are right, explosive growth. This is the reason the biggest social profiles are investing heavily into their video content production.

In this article, we’ll get you acquainted with the insights on the latest social media viral trend – news videos and quote videos.

You will learn why it is good not to be too smart about it, but rather keep it stupid simple and give people what they want. As you’ll see later, people will be happy to reward you. No one is to blame; people just love videos. Adapt or die.

As with any other thing, there is a science also in videos.

With video, you can simply showcase more of what you have.

Moving images are powerful not only because they capture eyeballs but because they offer almost a real life like experience, provoking user`s feelings and imagination, not to mention an upcoming virtual reality trend madness.

*When mentioning Facebook, I am also referring to other social networks and video sites.

News and quote videos are popular due to short attention span

News and quote videos are popular due to short attention span

Facebook, whose main concern is “best user experience” is very open about what kind of content is best for its users.

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Maybe they have a lot of data or not but people liking the video, is nothing new as we are visual creatures, and this simply goes along with an understanding of a basic human psychology.

Consequently, video on Facebook offers the highest engagement rate from any content. In other words, people will most likely click, like, comment, or share on your videos. Which means, the easiest way to go viral is with video.

See any of the biggest Facebook Fan pages, and you’ll see they publish a lot of video content, and I mean a lot. Probably they publish more of video content than you publish text or image content.

I`m talking about sites as AJ+VocativNow ThisMashable VideosCollective evolution and others.

Their secret lies in a new uprising trend, soon to be spreading all over any video supported social networks.

We call this type of videos »news videos« and »quote videos.«

News Videos

News videos are short, usually of max length of 60 seconds, in most cases they come without voice over and contextual music. They are curated videos combination of music, video and text.

The clips used in these videos are either coming directly from original video news or stock video libraries. While the clips are playing in the background, text messages are overlaying them in an attractive way.

The short format of these videos is making them easy to watch and understand as they have only one goal: to get you familiar with clear to the point message from an industry you are interested about.

Here is one example of »news video« curated from trendy news`s original video.

David Cameron Admits to Tax Evasion After Panama Paper LeakDavid Cameron’s response to tax evasion allegations: Monday – avoid. Tuesday – deny.Today – duck and run in the face of #ResignCameron.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, April 8, 2016


This is an example of »news video« curated from an article and video from the stock video library.

Learn How to[You won`t see this on TV]Learn how to:have FUN without alcohol,TALK without cell phones, DREAM without drugs,SMILE without selfies,LOVE without conditions.……………………………………………………………………………………..If you need to explain your message in a clear way through “News Video” get in touch.

Posted by Video Chef on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Moreover, because, we at Video Chef, we proud ourselves as the leaders in the video industry, we made an extra step and came up with »animated news video« curated from an article, but in this case instead of stock video we backed up visual part with an animation.

62 people own as much as half the world[You won`t see this on TV] – 62 PEOPLE OWN AS MUCH AS HALF THE WORLDThe world’s richest 62 people now own as much wealth as half of the world’s population.Report by UK charity Oxfam GB calls for a crackdown on tax havens …as the world’s wealthiest hide $7.6 trillion from taxes.“Instead of an economy that works for the prosperity of all, for future generations, and for the planet, …we have instead created an economy for the one percent”It is simply unacceptable that the poorest half of the world population owns no more than a small group of the global super-rich.Oxfam is calling world political and business leaders to crack down on tax havens, ensure fair wages, and invest in public services.In a world where one in nine people goes to bed hungry every night, we cannot afford to carry on giving the richest an ever-bigger slice of the cake………………………………….If you would like to explain your message in a “news video style” like above, please get in touch.

Posted by Video Chef on Thursday, March 31, 2016


Since we are so busy and have short attention spans, these kinds of videos are making it easier for us to receive the most information in the shortest amount of time possible.

Of course, relevancy and source of information in some of these videos might be questionable, therefore, consume news videos with a little of common sense.

Above we covered »news videos«, while we didn’t say much about »quote videos« which is next.

What are quote videos?

Quote videos are simply an improved version of popular quote images. If we jump in a Nostradamus`s shoes for a while, it is not hard to predict that soon all the web will consist mainly of videos. Moreover, since quote images are extremely popular, we can easily predict their popularity also in moving imaginary versions.

[bctt tweet=”Since quote images are virally popular, we can easily predict popularity of quote videos” username=”Video_Chef”]

There are many ways how to produce quote videos. Certainly it comes into a play a big dose of creativity and understanding of certain quote in terms of successful translation of original quote image into a recycled video version. A goal here is to get the most people to understand and resonate with quote video in an engaging way, which results in linking, sharing and commenting on it.

We at Video Chef, are aware of how dull and newsfeed blind, one type of videos can be. Hence, we are constantly experimenting with different styles, from kinetic typography to playful animations.

Here we see an example of kinetic typography overlaying stock video. The result is an engaging multidimensional meaningful audiovisual experience for the user.

The following example is animation which is almost bordering on a field of an explainer video:

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something[Have a great start of the Weekend]”The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about” Dr. Wayne Dyer Quotes Page

Posted by Video Chef on Friday, January 29, 2016


Moreover, because we are aware of short viewer`s attention span, who might not be wasting his precious time, watching the video till an end, we framed an animation above the quote. Since he first sees the quote, watching the video till an end makes more sense to him.

Besides pre-destined success for quote videos, there is another thing that makes them super powerful. Moreover, that is their length, or rather shortness, which is only around 15 seconds. This is enough time to sustains viewer`s attention to watch the video until an end not losing them as it is the case with longer videos.

Facebook’s view length metrics simply tell to Facebook how quality the video is based on the number of viewers who have watched the video until its end.

Correspondingly based on the percentage of end viewers, Facebook will increase the organic reach of your video, making it possible for more people to watch it.


As you see, both, the news videos and quote videos are extremely visually appealing pieces of content and the benefits of adding them to your social content strategy can be enormous.

Not only because of its viral potential and engagement by people liking, commenting and sharing them, but also because in most cases, they get seen until the end and because they offer the highest click through rate.

Special thanks for that, goes to Facebook video`s auto-play feature and call to action link at the end of the video. While the user is browsing through the news feed, he wants it or not; he sees news video starting to play, and before he notices it, he is already halfway into the video.

Because of its surprise appeal, unpreparedly caught in a moment, he goes through an emotional rush of adrenaline and excitement as he likes what he sees. This makes him more likely, either to like, comment, share your video or to click on the link after the video ends.

This way you get both of the best social worlds: your video goes viral, and you get traffic to your website, shop or sales funnel.

[bctt tweet=”This way you get both of the best social worlds: your video goes viral, and you get traffic to your website.” via=”no”]

As with any content, video’s worth is growing by time and the more videos you`ll post, the faster you`ll grow.

At Video Chef, we are producing »news videos« and »quote videos« on a constant basis.

This allows us to make them super affordable for you under white label licence. We add your logos, and they are yours.

Videos we have are generic and are covering basic human needs: health, wealth and relationships. For available videos, please visit our Video Chef fan page under Videos Tab.

Additionally, we would be happy to produce custom niche news and quote videos for you, addressing your targeted audience in a unique way.

Kindly get in touch for more information.

Also, would be happy if you would share any news or quote video success story in the comments below, or ask me any question.