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Shopping for a video?

A video is a great way of explaining what your business does in a short, entertaining way that catches your prospects’ attention.

The thing is, how good are you at shopping for videos? Do you always add a top-quality video to your cart?

Or do you go for the bargain basement discount offer because it looked too good to ignore?

Or maybe you go for the pirated copy that’s basically a poor-quality version of what your rivals are doing?

It’s grainy, black and white and the end is missing.

Maybe shopping just isn’t your thing!
If you don’t know where to look or what to look for, you could end up making the same mistakes
other businesses are making all the time.

You might end up:

Overpaying for
a video

for a video
(buy cheap and
you buy twice)

Addressing the
wrong audiences

Unable to market
your video

++ Much more!

Paying Too Much

Think $4,000 is a reasonable price for a video?


It’s crazy money and you can get better value elsewhere for less.
The thing is, these companies that overcharge you can be found on the first page of Google. As such, you kinda feel inclined to trust them.

Don’t get us wrong. At Video Chef, we value quality,
and we produce quality. But paying $4,000 for an animated
video is not par for the course.

You type in “expert video production company” and there they are!
“Dude, I just found a video company on the first page of Google.”

Being found on the first page of Google means a company is very good at SEO. In other words, they know how to drive traffic to their page.
It isn’t a seal of quality, and it doesn’t mean their work is any better than anyone else’s. Do some proper investigating before buying.

Paying Too Low

Just like you can pay too much for a video, you can also pay too low.
$4,000 is too much, and $300 is too little

Sure, it sounds like a great deal at the time. But you have to look at it like this: Any professional, expert video company will be backed by a team who have worked super hard to get to this stage of their career.

They’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into perfecting their craft. They’re the best at what they do, and they’ve got here through sheer hard work.

Now. Why would they then cheapen themselves by letting you have the benefit of all their years of endeavour, all the value of their learning for just a few dollars?

They wouldn’t!

Top-notch video production companies know that producing killer explainer videos is an art that takes years to get good at. As such, their rates reflect all that time, energy and money they’ve put into getting to this stage.

If you’re paying $300 for a video, it’s guaranteed that you’re not getting a top-quality service. You’re getting unskilled freelancers who are good at coming up with cheap, template-based videos.

Receiving A Video With Passive 3rd Person Script

“But I read stories told in the third person all the time!” you might be protesting.

And you’re right – stories are told in the third person all the time.

But when it comes to a video that is speaking directly to an audience about your product or service, third person doesn’t just cut it.

Why? Because it makes it much less personal. It’s less engaging, and offers no interaction with the viewer.

First person narration, on the other hand, speaks to a prospect one on one. It’s much more involving, and it improves conversions.
“Hey you! Have I got a great deal for you!”
Get it?

The Material Isn’t Recyclable

Great! You’ve just been sent your brand new video and paid the production company. You’re happy with the results.

• However, you soon start to have a few questions:
• Why is your rivals’ video on Facebook doing so much better than yours?
• How come theirs has got subtitles and yours hasn’t?
• How come your rivals’ video has been turned into a helpful info-graphic and yours hasn’t?
• How come their video is also available in shorter clips that have been shared on various different platforms and you’re stick with just a two-minute version?

Basically, the video production company has been sloppy. They haven’t recycled the video, which means you’ve got just the one version: A two minute explainer video that you can’t really do much with.

• You can’t turn it into an info-graphic.
• You don’t know how to add subtitles (you shouldn’t have to add them!)
• There are no short, teaser clips that you can use to raise awareness.

Video is too expensive not to be recycled.

You’ve Got The Same Video For All The
Different Marketing Channels

Again, you’ve just got the one video. You’re pretty chuffed, because it’s an awesome video.

Who cares if it’s just the one!?

You post it on all your social media platforms and channels. It goes on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

But you soon notice that your conversions are a bit weird. It’s doing well on Facebook but badly on Twitter.

It’s even worse on SnapChat, but it’s doing okay on Instagram.
What gives?
Different marketing channels require different videos.

Because the user experiences are different, the formats and even the length and style of the video needs to be tweaked accordingly.
Also, you might find that you’re addressing different audiences with the same video.
But what a provider wants to see is different to what a consumer wants to see. As such, you need to have two separate videos that speak to each audience accordingly. One should address the provider, and the other should address the consumer.

Buying From A Company That Has
No Experience In Your Industry

This is actually a really common mistake that businesses make often, but it’s one that’s easily avoided.

It doesn’t matter how good a video production company is, it matters little if they’ve no experience in your niche.

“We’ve absolutely zero experience in your niche, baby, but don’t worry about a thing! We’ll give it a shot. You sell a fitness app, right?”

“Actually, we sell health supplements …”
“Same thing!”

Video companies tend to focus on specific niches. If you’ve found a company that has never covered your industry, we suggest you keep looking.

Buying From Companies Who Don’t Understand Marketing

It’s not enough that a video production company is good at making videos. They also need to understand marketing.

Why? Good animation is one thing. But without a hotshot copywriter who understands how to connect with your audience, all you’ve got on your hands is a pretty-looking video.

The best video production companies work with in-house copywriters who know how to craft engaging scripts that make that all important connection with your customers. They don’t need you to come up with a script. They’ll sort all that themselves. And, aware of all the latest market trends and the way your customers speak, they know how to reach out to your audience.

A Video That’s Too Long

Do you know how you can easily tell when you’re buying from a company who doesn’t know what they’re doing? They make you a video that’s way too long and which is STILL unable to explain what your business does in just a few words.

We’re not in Hollywood here.

An explainer video shouldn’t be an epic video that shows off a video production company’s talents.

It should be a short, concise, easy to understand video that shows YOU guys off and addresses a problem your customers have.

They Expect Too Much From A Video

Your video is just one part of your marketing arm. It should slot neatly into a puzzle that also includes web design, email marketing, copy and sales.
Not just this, but one video can’t carry you for the next ten years. Sure, you might have an awesome video on your hands right now.
But trends change.

What audiences want to see change.
Imagine watching an explainer video from ten years ago today. Imagine how dated it would look.

The recommendation is that you update your video each year, just like you should update your web design each year.

Buying From Companies Who Act As Thought The Video
Production Process Is Complicated And Takes Ages

“Well, you know, making a video takes a long time. Look at Avatar. It took them ten years to make it. You can’t rush art.”

The video production process shouldn’t be convoluted and complicated. If it’s taking a long time, it’s probably because the company has issues.

Maybe they never had a clear objective on the video’s goal.

Maybe they’re making revisions halfway through the project because of poor planning.

Buying from a company that keeps stalling and keeps you waitin g should raise suspicions immediately. If a company clearly hasn’t taken the time to properly plan your video, there is every chance they’re working on a video which doesn’t reflect your brand, too.

In other words, the colours will be wrong, the fonts will be wrong, and the overall feel will be wrong.

At this stage, you’ll have wished you hadn’t made such a big error of judgement and instead worked with a professional video production company from the very start.


Video Chef have years of experience with producing top-quality animated explainer videos.

So far, we’ve crafted over 700 for customers all over the world.

We love what we do, and we work with different styles and an assortment of industries.

Our process is super duper simple. It’s just three steps:

We work quickly, with our expert copywriters knocking out scripts in 2 days, our animators dusting off storyboards in 4 days, and our video guys working their magic in another 4 days.

That’s just 10 days for an animated explainer video that connects your brand to your customers.

That’s just 10 days for an animated explainer video that connects your brand to your customers.

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