“Stop motion animation,” an effective tool to help you become a set-apart, top-of-mind brand, has been added to our arsenal of Video Chef`s video production services.

In the past, we all had the same challenge: we didn’t have an access to an information. And now we have another problem: there is too much information, making it hard for anyone to choose the right one.

These same challenge are facing your prospects, when they are looking for their future business partners.

If I translate this to an online world and to our video expertise, in the past we were always buying products and services from websites which greeted us with either explainer or promotional videos.

Yes, video has the power to make sales happen; as analytics show that 50 to 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase once they see an accompanying explainer video.

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But now when developments pushed us further and when almost every website has a video, we are fine-tuning our process and only buying from websites with the most compelling videos.


stop motion animation

stop motion animation

Among other puzzles that must come together, in order to make a deal happen, a video that you put out there should be showcase both feeling and elegance. It should add to your overall brand look and feel where viewers can just feel that your company goes an extra mile and tries to add a value at every step of online interaction.

In short, you need to stand out from the sea of an average animated video production. You are often competing with some heavy lifters who know the power of video the way you do.

But now your challenge is how to differentiate your brand now by utilizing the same video approach that proved to be successful in the past? This is the topic we’ll explore in today’s blog post.

But first let’s see what stop motion animation is.

Stop motion is an animation technique which physically manipulates movements of objects or personas.

Corresponding them to cartoons where on-screen, we are capturing drawings versus with stop motion animation, where we are capturing a frame. A frame is an object or persona set in a scene.

Most often those personas are either dolls with movable joints or clay figures, so you can mimic the human body movements, move a leg an arm, etc.

When those frames are put together and played in a continuous sequence, they produce an illusion of movement. The more shots/frames you capture per second, the more natural and smooth is the movement. Hence, as a consequence, the more frames you must manually set.

Because of its realistic nature, stop motion easily results in an edgey, snappy, spontaneous or surreal video. That is why it is not without the reason, why objects and figures appearing in stop motion video appear as if they are being moved by a touch of magic.

In practice, we move object or persona, capture a photo of the existing scene, and then for the next scene a new photo with repositioned frame – object or persona is taken.

We continue with the same process until hundreds of photos are collected. When those photos are put together in a sequence, you see a convincing illusion of movement which is happening in a kind of surreal way.

Take a look at this video highlighting the early days of stop motion, directly from Ray Harryhausen, who is acclaimed by many as the godfather of it.

Why should you opt for stop motion animation?

Nowadays, this type of video production is very exotic and a rarity to have. You don’t see it mainly because it is too expensive. The higher price point is due to the fact that it requires a lot of time and human involvement.

The second reason would be that big technological advances are allowing way cheaper animation videos; which are produced by ordinary computers.

Okay, with that in mind, it’s hard not to ask in order to have video like that sounds exciting, thus how much will it cost me?

As mentioned above, high production costs are the main reason why it is hard to find stop motion animation studio with affordable rates in the western world.

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Contrary to computer animations where you can quickly perform a revision, at stop motion we need to return back to the scene and re-make environments, objects or figures, which we later re-record under new guidelines.

And this can be only done manually by human involvement and patience. In other words, the logistics and labor intensity makes them more pricey. Hence to avoid additional costs, a well-thought out process and client commitment to the project is required upfront.

Luckily Video Chef partnered with stop motion studio with a residency outside of US and Europe. This means, you now have a full stop motion animation production studio with human resources made available at such a low costs that it seems both silly and unimaginable in the western world.

The process for making a stop motion video process sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Until we start with actual recordings, the process is the same as with any other animated or explainer video, where first step is to define the script or the storyline.

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At this point you would need to get in touch with us to discuss the project, your wishes, goals of the video and everything else that will help us match, and hopefully exceed your expectations.

After you confirm the script, you’ll be provided with a storyboard, which will graphically represent the scene, environment, objects and figures that will appear in the video.

After this phase we translate the storyboard to an actual scenography with all required elements. This is where stop motion animation studio`s scenery closest analogy would be that of a live puppet theatre.

Once the theatre is set, we start with tiny physical movements of figures and objects and their photo recordings; which we later produce into a compelling animation.

Similar to what we did with this two stop motion animation videos:

As stop motion animation requires that animators use many traditional arts, crafts and skills – we are able to produce organic scenography with figures and objects that reflect your brand’s nuances and personality. As an outline we can easily follow up with your logo, website`s colors or mascotte.


From a business point of view, if you are lucky enough to afford stop motion animation as your flagship video content, you are awarded with satisfied audience who’ve received a memorable experience and who are more likely to share your video among their family and friends.

Other than that, you can earn a strong brand recognition. This can help your brand to stand out among your competition and easily reap the fruits.

We could say, having stop motion animation is more of an exclusive investment and adds value to your website and business.

Get in touch for your stop motion animation video

It wouldn’t be fair to tell you that, this is a rare opportunity as there are not many stop motion studios in the world, plus the ones that are, will charge you a leg and arm…all of this while Video Chef can provide you with the same high priced production at a promotional price.

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If you still think your budget wouldn’t allow you to take an advantage of our offer, please consider this. There are many options enabling us to lower production cost while still delivering a top-tier stop motion video to you. One of them is to skip details in figures, objects and scenography.

Having elaborate details or not, with stop motion animation you can not fail to impress.

Thus we must warn you, there is a downside… because of time and place consuming tasks involved, in our studio, we can have only a limited number of stop motion videos in production.

Because of this, we work on a first come, first serve basis. This policy ensures that the ones who act first can be assured a priority project. Don`t hesitate to address any question or any concern you might have.