If you think your brand can go viral without videos, STOP!

At Video Chef, we know that if you are not a super big fish you simply can’t afford them.

…until now.

In this article, I`ll shine a bright light on this challenge where you’ll learn an affordable way to add viral videos to your social media strategy …without breaking your leg.

Not only that, I`ll actually show you how to leverage the biggest weakness into your strength. I`m talking about short attention span as anyone can hardly commit to watching videos longer than a minute.

Since videos are the most lovable and the most expensive content possible, we at Video Chef are working really hard to provide an affordable solution for people like you.

We found a perfect solution which is taking an advantage of social networks’ video features and human behaviour

What we did… We took already proven viral image quotes that got thousands of likes, shares, and comments and recycled them into a fresh form of content – a video.

We ended up with so-called viral quote videos.

These videos are designed with one goal in mind – to go viral. Besides the trend predictions above, here are additional reasons that make quote videos so powerful.

The first thing we are leveraging is the problem every online publisher is facing – a short attention span.

After 10-15 seconds most people’s attention is lost and they surf away to the next interesting thing.

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These type of videos are just short and interesting enough for viewers to watch it till an end. Additional to that, Facebook will reward you with an increased reach as his viewing metrics will show him your videos are getting watched till an end.

The second feature we are leveraging is autoplay video feature, which interrupts viewer`s thought pattern when they are browsing the news feed, as your video starts to play automatically.

The third powerful thing about quote videos is that they catch viewer unprepared and in the moment.

When you add to this element of the surprise, the emotions which arise by watching powerful quote message, you create a safe environment for a viewer to like, share or comment on your video.

The latest trend is also writing/tagging your friend’s name into the comment section, so he gets notification/recommendation from a friend that this is the video they would be probably interested in.

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The fourth feature we leverage is an option to add a clickable link as a call to action when the video ends. You can invite viewer, either to learn more, sign up, download, etc.

This way along with liking, sharing, and commenting, you can drive traffic to your website, blog, shop or sales funnel.

viral social media videos

viral social media videos

Once you combine above features with beautiful audiovisuals, you end up with powerful and emotional viral quote videos. And believe me, this videos very hardly leave any viewer heart lighted and ignorant.

For best user experience videos should catch you unprepared while you are scrolling down the news feed. But you can see how videos look in our Video Chef`s fanpage.

Because quote images are so popular among people, we can say same will also happen with quote videos. Along with this prediction goes a prediction that future web will mainly consist of video anyway.

Distribution wise, the beauty of viral quote videos, is that they can be used on all video supported networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Vine, Instagram, Google+ and other video-friendly sites.

Once videos are done, an additional hack is to produce its gif and image variations. This provides you not only with more content for your followers, but also an increased chance of spreading your brand all over the web.


Leverage your followers’ love for video, and they will reward you by sharing and spreading your message among their friends and family, turning themselves into your brand ambassadors.

Through viral quote videos, we get the best out of all worlds… video trends, people’s love for videos and Facebook’s love to provide the best user experience.

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Wait… what about a price?!

We know, we know. Everything sounds super cool, and because you know that video production super expensive, you must be thinking where is the catch?

There is none. Well, there is but in a good way. Read on!

Because we know, not everyone can afford video production, we at Video Chef, came up with a solution which allows us to deliver you viral quote videos at an affordable rate.

Download Viral Social media videos that will boost your brand's engagement.

Download Viral Social media videos that will boost your brand’s engagement.

Our viral quote videos are available to you under white label licence. Just send us your logo and you’ll receive your own branded quote viral videos – with your logo in the right lower corner. Please make sure, when delivering the logo, to send it with transparent background and in the png file format.

The videos we have can be applied to any niche as they relate to any audience`s basic needs: health, wealth, relationships. In general, they are thought-provoking with huge emotional appeal and motivational in nature. As mentioned before, they are recycled versions from already proven quote images.

If you are already successful with the budget available for custom viral videos designed specially and uniquely for your brand and targeted audience, we would be happy to unleash our creativity and produce videos which your audience will be happy to spread all over the web.

We promise just one thing: with viral quote videos, you’ll get more authority engagements from your social followers, causing your fan base and brand exposure to grow exponentially.

And please note, if, you think “this is all I need to go viral.” these videos are not for you. Videos are just one part of the puzzle that makes a successful social profile.

As with any other novelty, the ones who jump on the wagon of opportunity earliest is the one who’ll reap the fruits sooner. And very well, viral quote videos might be your current chance to beat your competition.

Kindly get in touch for a free consultation. And if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.