Hey You!

Yes, You – business owner and budding video maker extraordinaire.


Tired of looking on in envy as your competitors produce great explainer videos that you wish you could make?


Sick of wondering, “how on earth did they do that?”


Fed up of trying to explain what your business does in a 60-second video clip but still unable to explain it in less than 5 minutes?


We know how you feel. And this is where explainer video script companies like ours at Video Chef come in. We’re a premium video production company that services clients all around the world, satisfying all their video needs and helping them to tell visual stories that audiences instantly connect with.

It’s 2017 And We’re All Watching Videos – But Why Is No One Watching Yours?


It’s 2017 and your competitors are making videos to reach more people and boost sales. They know that people just love to watch videos.


And so do you. Your website already has a ton of copy, but it’s missing that great big PLAY button that audiences just love to see.


So what do you do?


You make a video too, of course!

The problem is that making a video is hard.


Maybe you tried it once and ended up with a ten-minute epic, complete with a score and a Leonardo Di Caprio look-a-like in the starring role.


Your third-person story had action, comedy, drama, and – of course – a bit of romance.


Your director was an artistic genius who will probably end up in Hollywood, where he’ll marry an actress. You uploaded it, launched it, shared it

… but no one watched

The bounce rate was AWFUL.

Traffic didn’t improve.

Sales didn’t improve.

No one shared it.

You checked social media, and the only person who left a comment was some guy from your HR department who couldn’t believe his company had made a new video but not told him.

Nobody liked your epic video. What gives?

What gives is that you’re making the wrong type of video.


You’re also failing to understand video marketing and what people want to see, and for how long they’re willing to watch a video.


Worse still, your message might be totally unclear.

You might be able to understand it – but can your audience?

Explainer videos should be no longer than 60 seconds. Why? Because 60 seconds means you’re compelled to tighten up your message so that it’s as clear as possible.


Any longer, and you’re veering into waffle territory.


Sixty seconds might not sound like a long time. But consider this:
The average Internet user has the attention span WORSE THAN A GOLDFISH.

Goldfish have an awful attention span. But the average Internet user’s attention span is so much worse that you’ve literally got 2-3 seconds to convince them to stay on your page.


If you can’t hook them instantly, they’ll be out of there quicker than you can say “how to write explainer video script please.”

Without the help of a video explainer company to provide you with an explainer video script and an explainer video, your video probably lacks:

• Brevity

• Directness

• Social Proof

• Emotional Connection

• The Crucial Chance To Boost Sales

Let’s Make A Video!

Video explainer companies like ours at Video Chef have a big role to play in video marketing in 2017. We see where your issues lie – and we solve them.


Unlike what the name suggests, we aren’t a cooking channel! We’re a premium video production company that is helping clients all around the world improve their online presence with engaging videos that build their audiences and boost their sales.


We write awesome, catchy scripts for videos that keep people glued to the screen with the end result for you being:

More sales

Better brand exposure

Saved time and saved cash

Saved effort

++ Much more!

“So far, the team here at Video Chef has produced over 600 videos for various nations worldwide. We’re the go-to explainer video production company because we understand your audience, and we know how to engage them with short videos that inform and entertain. Our clients come from a variety of industries, and since working with us their businesses have grown.”


Why? Because people love to watch videos!


And when people love a video so much, they share them with others.


“It’s not magic – it’s just good filmmaking.”


Get on board with us and …

Let’s Make A Movie!

• People don’t have much time.
• People are busy.

As a worldwide collective, we like things to be instant in 2017.


We like our coffee on tap.


We like our blogs on tap.


And we especially like a custom explainer video that explains to us what a product or service is all about to be especially simple.

Video Chef cuts through the noise with short, snappy, informative, engaging and – importantly – entertaining videos that explain what your business does in just 60 seconds.


Our videos hook the viewer in through compelling, fun visuals, and catchy language that speaks directly to your customers, letting them know exactly what you do.


We take your core message, trim the fat and keep only the juice.

Basically, we keep the good stuff. Because that’s how we roll.
Then, we turn the good stuff into an explainer video script that speaks a language your target audience understands. We keep things simple but always aim for that all-important emotional connection that strikes a chord with your viewers.


Our videos also stand out from the crowd because we include the feel good factor.


When people feel good while watching your video, they’re more inclined to associate you and your brand with feeling awesome.


As such, they’re more inclined to make the decision you want them to make.


If you can make your customers feel positive about themselves, you and the world around them, you’ve got a great chance of convincing them about what you do.

What’s The Plot?

We begin with a catchy title that outlines the benefits of watching this video and arouses curiosity.


We then address the problem the customer has, before introducing ourselves and explaining how we can solve the problem.


We then add social proof, because people are likelier to make the decision you want them to make if other people before them have already been making it.

Basically, no one wants to miss out.


And we also make sure that they know you’re the authority in your niche

And if they’re still not convinced, we’ll turn the cute factor up to eleven with cute puppies and fluffy bunnies. Just for you.


Does all that sound good? Check out our video to see how we did it!

But We’ll Stick To Third Person Narratives, Right?

Okay, here’s the deal. We get asked this question a lot.


When people ask us how to write an explainer video script, or when they want to see an explainer video script example, they’re always a bit non-plussed when we employ a first person narrative.

“Um. Yeah, just one question … why isn’t your story told in a third person narrative?”


Our clients sometimes ask this question because they’ve been led to believe that explainer videos should at least use a third person narrative. It’s just basic storytelling, right?

The thing is that this is video marketing, and if you want to make that all-important emotional connection with your potential customer, you need to address them directly one-on-one.


For higher engagement, we speak to our customers in first person. It means:

We are directly talking to a prospect
We are actively engaging them in a conversation between themselves and us, and NOT some random character
We can engage them so that they nod along, agree, disagre
Potential customers are far likelier to convert into sales when explainer video scripts use a first person narrative

First person narratives, short, snappy videos that engage, inform and entertain with cute visuals


…… and sales!

Do you need anything more?!


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