How Financial Services Video Production
can increase your revenue

Here Is What Makes Financial Video Presentations More Useful Than
Other Types of Sales Pitches Offering online services is tough.

Global Internet

The Internet gives you a market that stretches to every corner of the world, but clients won’t just come to you. You need to tell them in a effective and efficient manner why you are the right choice.
The online world is a fast-paced medium so you have a limited window of opportunity to do so. Why should somebody give you their hard-earned money, simply because they saw your ad? You need a way to stand out, pass your message quickly and present the benefits of your services.

This is especially valid in the financial services area. Your potential customers will hand to you the success of their business and livelihood. They will be asking themselves:


Why should I trust this company?


What if they do not know what they are doing?


What if it costs me too much?


What if I go bankrupt?

If you don’t answer these questions from the beginning,
you get a slim chance of converting your prospect.

Financial marketing videos are on the rise and they will only grow bigger.

It is a medium that packs lots of content in an easily digestible format. Let’s see why creating a quality financial service video sales pitch is so important.

The Number Test

You have no more than 10 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention

85% Pie Graph

Video makes 50% to 85% of the visitors more likely to make a purchas

20% Pie Graph

Video has helped businesses increase their revenue by 20%

Graph on Laptop

Bounce rate is a scary word. Seeing those high percentages of people that landed on your website, but left immediately is like touching gold that slips through your fingers. As we mentioned before, the Internet is a fast-paced medium. It has spoiled us so much, that it has changed the meaning of the word “now”. We are no longer satisfied with waiting for more than a few seconds.

When we visit a website, we need to be hooked up immediately, else we leave. Add to that the massive shift to mobile devices (meaning smaller screen and people consuming content on the go) and you’ve got little chance of getting your target audience to spend precious minutes reading through a written copy. This is why you need financial marketing video. Seeing the play button immediately tells the visitors that they will quickly get the important info about your services. This increases by a lot your chance to bring them further through the sales funnel.

Confused Man

Piece of Cake.

The finance sector is a complicated matter. Numbers are scary, and so are the endless financial instruments, strategies and tactics that go in managing one’s business. People get intimidated by the thought of having to operate their personal and business finances. But for them to trust you with such a complex and important matter, they need to understand what is it that you are doing. And they need to understand it better than a financing textbook can explain. What’s more, they need this information now.

How do you present in minutes the content of a 700-page financial textbook? Financial services video.

Unlike reading or listening, video allows you to utilize both learning senses of the viewer. This dramatically decreases the time needed for comprehension. It also increases the ability to present a complex topic through visual aids. With video, you can explain the meaning behind the numbers. You can turn directly to the viewer when you explain what it is that you do and how it will benefit them. Video allows you to apply one of the most important sales techniques – the elevator pitch. In other words: the ability to sell something in less than a minute.

Analysis + Video + idea

It’s in the recall
As Internet users, we go through a ton of content on a daily basis. Social media statuses, blog articles, ads and multimedia all flash before our eyes. Only to forget it a few hours down the road. The key to attaining customers is to get into their mind for long enough that they associate with you when they need the type of services that you offer.


They need to recall your presence. Even if a prospect doesn’t become your client at the first interaction with your brand, you need to make sure that the next time that he thinks of financial services, he associates the field with what he has learned from visiting your website.

Man Thinking About Video

The average viewer can recall 95% of a video’s content after 72 hours. Three days have passed and people can still go through your whole video in their mind.
Can they do that with text? No. They need a visual cue. Image? Can you explain how are you going to manage their accounting in a single image or even 10?
Financial services video production offers the thoroughness of text with the brevity of an image. It also adds its own unique high rate of recollection.

No buts

So far you saw what makes financial services promo video a great way to present your business. It grabs attention, it simplifies complex topics and has a high recollection rate. But you still have some doubts about it, don’t you?

Man Recommending Video

Video is hard to make. Yes, creating a video takes work and knowledge. You need to create a script that sounds natural and not like somebody is reading a textbook. You also need to know how to place frames for the greatest effect. You also need to know how to animate or operate a camera.

There are a ton of guides online and user friendly software. Better yet, there are online companies that provide financial video production services.

Which means that you do not need to waste time in going through a steep learning curve or in attending endless meetings with operators, producers, script writers, actors and animators. You can take the long road of DIY or contact a video production company that will take care of all the work.

Money Bag Icon

Producing videos is expensive. Creating a video presentation is more expensive than buying a stock photo. It is way more expensive than writing a text ad yourself. At least that’s how it appears on the surface. As somebody who is knowledgeable in the finance industry you know the actual price of hidden costs and poor ROI. Image and text ads need higher circulation, have less impact and less chance of going viral.

Video sparks interest, simplifies the presented content and stays longer in the mind of the viewer. How expensive or cheap it will be to use a video production for financial services brand will depend on how much impact you are willing to make. Also, factor in how determined you are to converting your prospects to actual clients.


Some people still prefer text. You can’t appeal to everybody with a single medium. If you go for a text, you alienate the ones that prefer video and vice versa. This is why your primary job in promoting your brand is to appeal to the masses. Currently, they prefer video. This is not to say that text or image do not have place in your marketing strategy. Your approach to acquiring customers should include alternative methods so it appeals to the largest number of prospects.

Video Help to Bounce Rate

Yet, your focus should be on the medium that is most likely to convert leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Besides, with the rise in use of mobile technology compared to the use of large screens it makes sense to use a medium that can take advantage of all the benefits of mobile technology: high resolution, mobility and easy integration of share buttons. The last one is especially important in getting loyal followers.

Let’s recap.

Financial marketing videos are the way to go for high conversion rate. It is attention-grabbing, it makes complicated topics easy to understand and it stays in the mind of the viewer. The numbers back up these statements.

Video Chef

If you’d like to keep up with the growing shift from static to financial promotional videos, contact us. With over 30 videos produced for financial industry, we have a deep understanding on efficient visual communication and I`m positive that together we can find the best video solution for your financial message.