Are you doing video marketing properly? If your video hasn’t been given a Facebook viral video meme makeover, the chances are that you aren’t.

What’s the biggest problem your business faces? Maybe it’s deadlines, or maybe it’s growth. Or maybe it’s simply making it through the day with your heads still above water.

Well, actually, it’s none of those things. The biggest problem your business faces is getting people’s’ attention.

Nailed it, haven’t we?

Perhaps because of the sheer amount of stuff we consume online, Internet users have a very short attention span. Hitting them with something that keeps them on your page and convinces them to make the decision you want them to make isn’t easy.

But you know what can help? Animated explainer videos.

You’ve been thinking about this for a while haven’t you?

“I wanna make an animated explainer video that explains my company and its products and services in 60 seconds while making customers laugh and go ‘awww! that’s SO cute!’ before buying from me.”

But then you start to think about the flip side of making an animated explainer video

It’s going to take a lot of time

You can’t draw

Your mouse looks like a vampire

You tested an animation out on your kids but it gave them nightmares

Your partner has ordered you to stop making animations

Well, you could do what lots of other companies do and revert to type by making a live-action or text-based video that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. It looks exactly the same as what everyone else is doing but, hey, at least you know it works and the conversion rates are at 2%!

Or, you could let the gang at Video Chef make a fun, topical, engaging and eye-catching animation for you that stands out from any other video on the market right now while sending your conversion rates into the sweet spot.

And before you worry that animated videos cost more to produce than live action videos, our services are super affordable, and we also offer a free video as part of the deal.

But do you REALLY need an animated explainer video?

Let’s Look At What Dropbox Did With Their Animated Explainer Video

Dropbox’s animated explainer video is famous. Type “Dropbox” into Google and the first word the search engine suggests you add next is “explainer video.”

Hardly surprising. Their simple but incredibly effective and breathtakingly different video has, according to Dropbox themselves, been viewed over 25,000,000 times.

It also averages 30,000 views per day.

That’s ten billion dollars.

Since the video was uploaded to coincide with their launch, Dropbox has grown at a monstrous rate, and is now valued at $10,000,000,000.

We know what you’re saying:

“But obviously a short animated explainer video wasn’t solely responsible for their success. Obviously there was more to this remarkable growth than just a video, right? … Right … ?”

Consider this: For a long time, Dropbox’s landing page consisted of a downloaded button and the video.

And that was it. Literally.

There was nothing else. Which means their animated explainer video boosted conversions by 10% all by itself.

Dropbox knew they had an awesome video on their hands, but they’re certainly not alone in making the most threadbare of landing/squeeze pages that contain just a video and a download button.

Why do companies do this? Because when there are no other distractions in sight, a customer is much more inclined to sign up. After all, they’re not distracted by anything!.

Naturally, to get to this stage where your animated explainer video is boosting your conversion rate by 10% (or more!), you first of all need an awesome video. Which is where we at Video Chef come in. We produce fresh, exciting and entertaining content tailored to your audience so that your conversion rates go up and up and up. Sounds exciting? Get in touch today to find out more!


If you’re still not convinced … .

… Let’s Take A Look At What Else We Can Learn From Dropbox’s Animated Explainer Video

Dropbox Used Their Video As A Way To Start A Relationship With Their Customers

The whole point of Dropbox’s animated explainer video was to introduce people to their service.

Before the video was launched, few people had heard of Dropbox. They were just a small startup trying to make it big – just like all the other thousands of startups out there.

The difficulty they faced was one that all new start-ups can relate to – explaining who they are in just a few words.

The company that made the video for Dropbox knew they had just two minutes to nail what Dropbox – this virtually UNKNOWN company – was all about to the whole world. It’s not easy, and we’re sure there were LOTS of stuff they had to leave out of the video.

But that’s the genius of a good video production company, like ours at Video Chef. We know how to explain what businesses are all about in just two minutes.

Dropbox’s video introduced people to their service and began a long-term relationship. For this reason alone, it was a massive success.

Dropbox Realised Their Animated Video Could Save Them Money

Imagine if we told you that your animated explainer video could not only boost your conversions and sales, but could also save you money along the way, too?

Like so many other startups, Dropbox turned to Google AdWords to drive traffic when they first started out. It sounded reasonable. After all, Google AdWords is an effective way of generating more traffic than NYC during rush hour.

However, AdWords costs $$$. Indeed, it can cost up to $300 per new client!

ith the pot of money running out, Dropbox knew they had to try something else. What they wanted was a sharable video that had the potential to go viral.

With a viral video, all Dropbox would be paying for would be the creation of the video itself. There are no extra costs involved for Pay Per Clicks of associated distribution. The costs start and end with the video.

And if you get your animated explainer video just right like Dropbox did, the return on investment can be stunning.

Just like it was for Dropbox.

You can explain what your company is all about in a few words without a video.
But a video is just so much more fun and engaging.

Dropbox Knew Their Video Would Be FUN

Dropbox and the company who made their video knew that people enjoy watching something fun on the Internet that they can share with others. They knew that good imagery, relatable characters and cute visuals keep us watching and can even encourage us to take action.

Animation amplifies everything. The visuals are more compelling, the characters are more fun, and the video is overall more memorable!

And when you throw in audio and a cool soundtrack, you have a winning package that connects with audiences.

There is a lot we can all learn from Dropbox’s success. At Video Chef we understand the importance of a top quality explainer video when it comes to explaining your company and what it does. We’re home to a creative, friendly and super inventive team who bursting with ideas and talent. We work on your video from initial idea to final execution, helping to take your business onto the next level.

Want to find out more? Feel free to take the first step towards getting a video done with Video Chef by filling out our contact form!