In the competitive business environment that exists today, many small and large business owners are constantly facing a common dilemma – how to increase their business sales. Their usual response is to spend more money on their AdWords or more time performing SEO in an attempt to increase website traffic for their business. However, there is a new and ideal sales strategy that will guarantee you an increase in your business sales.

Animated Videos for Business– A Perfect Sales Page Strategy

If you want your business to jump to the next level, the best thing you can do is to use an animated video for business. Adopting this latest sales strategy that has been proven to be successful will create change within your sales page, and you could double or even triple the mileage from your existing website traffic. Many of the most well-known internet marketers have tested the efficiency of video explainers in increasing their business sales by up to 3 times. This highly remarkable turnaround was actually created by adding video explanations on their website telling the public and their potential customers about the services and products that they are offering.

increase sales with animated videos for business

increase sales with animated videos for business

Your prospective clients are brought up on movies, televisions, video games, and DVDs. Video trends are more appealing to them and that is why they are more inclined to watch an interesting video than wade through a lengthy sales pitch. Even some prominent copywriters concede animated videos for business are a great addition to any business.

The perfect way forward is clear – increase your sales and revenues with explainer video. The marketing magic of video explanation is this: people are buying with emotion, and the emotional parts of their brain’s language are pictures and not words. Using animated videos creates great effects on people because these videos are tugging their emotional strings.

Animated Videos for Business Increase Business-to-Customer Sales

If you really want to increase your business sales, create a partnership, and build a good relationship with your customers, you need an explainer video. In fact, studies reveal that fifty to eight-five percent of customers are most likely to make a purchase from a company once they see animated videos about the business. By utilizing video animations, you are catching the interest of many customers. More often than not, these customers get bored reading texts or long advertisement messages. Video explanations have actually helped small and large businesses all over the world increase their revenue by twenty percent.

This is just some of the manifestation of the great advantages this web video offers. Additionally, recent studies reveal that even a single “How It Works” video for websites and online products boost their sales volume up to sixty percent compared to those products that lack a clear video presentation. For this reason, every company or business owner should consider creating effective and clear explainer videos for the benefit of their company. Animation videos will help you improve your business and compete with the market.

Over the years, graphic animation has been gaining popularity as an effective way to introduce to the public the products and services of a company. You can also maximize your favorite social networking site to increase your business sales. Explainer videos have been at the top of social trends, allowing businesses to maintain a stable position in this competitive business industry.

The Great Benefits Offered by Animated Videos for Business

Animated videos for business offer a perfect way for businesses to promote their company or products in the virtual world. Many people who are using the Internet to find services that they need are looking for interesting videos to help them understand what the company has to offer. In fact, studies show that 4 in about 10 online shoppers visit a store online or in person as an direct result of watching explainer videos. Through this statistic, you can see the benefit offered by video explanation for both online shoppers and businesses.

Animated videos for business are providing more information that the customer needs in less time. A study revealed that sixty percent of customers prefer to watch video rather than read text. In addition, the percentage of retention of video explanations is fifty percent, whereas text retention is only ten percent.

Different businesses have been discovering the benefits provided by these explainer videos in increasing their sales and revenue. If you want to increase your business sales but do not have an explainer video yet, you really need to get it now!

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