Are you one of many brand owners, who are aware of the power of the video, yet they are still uploading their videos only to YouTube?

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Social ecosystem is changing super fast and being on top of any small thing happening is almost impossible. If you are limited with time, it would be wise to pay attention at-least to video trends as the most powerful medium.

Why, because the leverage that videos are bringing is too big for ignoring it.

Rewards and benefits of uploading video directly to Facebook, are so much bigger compared to uploading it only to YouTube or God forbid, to have it self-hosted. Moreover, this is the topic of this blog post where you’ll learn benefits of uploading videos directly to Fb.

Not to mention that by having tens, hundreds or thousands of videos only on YouTube, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Just check, your competition, if they don’t do it yet, now is your chance to move ahead of them. If they are already uploading videos to Facebook, this might be the reason you are lapping behind.

One of such examples involves major artists and bands, who have thousands of videos uploaded on their YouTube channels. When you try to find their video inside of Facebook, there are none available. Or, if they are lucky, some fan uploaded it on their own, breaking copyright which is a topic for another post.

In a slow moving world there is still a stigma that, when it comes to videos, people still think first of YouTube, but in the dynamics of now, this is almost a thing of the past.

[bctt tweet=”There are at least 9 strong reasons why you should consider uploading videos directly to Facebook instead to YouTube.” username=”Video_Chef”]

First reason – Facebook got bigger than YouTube

How fast everything changes, ha… Just one year ago the undisputed champion of online video was YouTube, and it seemed like he is far from being jeopardized by anyone. Fast forward one year to today and we see that it has been dethroned by Facebook who has become a major player in online video overnight.

Since then Facebook is not only outperforming YouTube with driving views but also at engagement. With video views in billions, it also became number one source where people watch online videos.

Based on available metrics and Facebook’s data, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when the majority of videos in your network are coming from another site like YouTube.

Which, in other words, for Facebook means that if there is more content generated by users, more revenue they will earn. Hence, it would be better for them and for their users to upload videos directly to Facebook.

This doesn’t happen overnight thus it happens fairly quickly, especially when you invest in the improvement of a user’s experience and make sure that uploading a video to your website is beneficial to both parties, video makers, and Facebook.

The second reason – 10x increase in reach with Facebook video vs YouTube link

Based on SocialBakers study, there is a 10x increase in reach with a video that is uploaded directly to Facebook, as opposed to a shared YouTube link.

10x increase in reach with Facebook video vs Youtube link

10x increase in reach with Facebook video vs YouTube link

The third reason – Facebook Video is top valued, YouTube link lowest valued

[bctt tweet=”Facebook news-feed prioritizes videos more than any other type of content.” username=”Video_Chef”]

Next after videos, are prioritized posts with uploaded images, then text only posts. And only after that are YouTube links. Ok, latest craze are Facebook live stream videos which are outranking even Facebook videos. Here is a nice breakdown we`ve borrowed from TGK digital marketing and creative services agency :

how facebook prioritizes posts

how facebook prioritizes posts

The fourth reason – Facebook’s video auto-play feature (my favorite 🙂 )

When Fb users are scrolling down the news-feed, it allows your video to start playing automatically  This is a great attention grabber and an easy way for you to get views. Whoa – user experience at its best. Not to mention that lack of auto-play feature in Facebook`s news-feed makes other video links obsolete. Like this example:

YouTube player in Facebook looks obsolete

YouTube player in Facebook looks obsolete

The fifth reason – Call to action link

This feature allows you to add your own clickable link at the end of the video. With this option, when the video ends, you have an easy way to redirect viewers to your website, sales funnel or shop. Fb allows you to address your viewer with the following call to action words: Book Now, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch More.

Facebook call to action link - an easy way to redirect viewers to your website

Facebook call to action link – an easy way to redirect viewers to your website

The sixth reason – Right sidebar notification

When someone shares your YouTube link, it will only say “xx shared a link” versus showing full video title when your friends are liking, sharing or commenting on your Facebook video.

Facebook video shows more data comparing to YouTube link

Facebook video shows more data comparing to YouTube link

Before Facebook removed thumbnails, there were thumbnails appearing at Facebook videos only.

The seventh reason – Facebook video sponsored posts

You can not boost or run sponsored posts with YouTube or any other hosted videos.

The eight reason – Wider reach with other fan page`s video

When you post another fan page’s video, you’ll have broader audience reach. We did a small case study, thus with limited resources and many variability of which we don`t know, the difference is more than obvious.

You'll have broader audience reach with Facebook Video

You’ll have broader audience reach with Facebook Video

The ninth reason – Plus all other YouTube`s features

After video stops playing, FB shows related videos, starts to play them automatically, it allows you to create video playlists and do pretty much almost everything that you can do also on YouTube.

Here you have it, nine strong reasons why you should be uploading videos directly to Facebook.


Don`t understand me wrong. An intention of this post wasn’t to bash over YouTube as it is still the second biggest website in the world and as that it shouldn’t be underestimated by any means. Plan was to point out the major differences that will help you make better decisions.

YouTube functions as a video directory where people are searching for the certain topics while on Facebook or other video supported social networks, videos are floating freely inside of the network. This way videos find their own targeted audience on their own. In same way as when you are discovering new videos when your friends, with whom you are sharing same interests, are liking, sharing or commenting certain social video.

To stress out again, the most important thing for Facebook is their user experience, and Facebook will help you with your brand or fan page in a good way.

[bctt tweet=”Contrary to Youtube, I like to think that social media videos find their audience on their own.” username=”Video_Chef”]

Thus in the same way as with search engine, Facebook will reward you only when you`ll be posting videos on a regular basis and when the value in the videos will be over-delivered (one of the important metrics to note is the length of time that your video is being watched).

Rewards come in increased post reaches, and organic Facebook likes. Moreover, the more videos you upload, and the more value will be provided, the faster your success will come.

Of course, if in your powers, upload your videos to as many other videos sharing sites as possible. For search engine benefit, make sure you add them different titles, tags, and descriptions (for an extra mile, create the same video of different lengths and spin descriptions on sentence and word level).

If I’ve skipped anything of importance or you would like to share more reasons, please let me know in the comments below. Also kindly let me know if you have any questions.