Here Is Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Replacing Business Cards


Much like the era of the rock star or the cowboy, the business card is dead. Long live the King. As a way of introducing your business and expanding your network of contacts, it’s been replaced by something far more fun, snazzier and eye-catching – the animated explainer video.


In this article, we take a look at why this is, and what the benefits are of using an animated video to explain what your business is all about.

“Hi, my name is John. I run a plumbing company. Here’s my card with my contact details in case you want to get in touch with me. Catch you later!”


Sound familiar

In the past – and even now – business cards have helped to connect businesses. You go to a networking event armed with a stack of business cards, and hand them out to anyone who catches your eye as a prospective client. It’s easy to do. All you need is a smidgen of confidence, and enough deft skill so that you don’t give people paper cuts.


Much like the era of the rock star or the cowboy, the business card is dead. Long live the King. As a way of introducing your business and expanding your network of contacts, it’s been replaced by something far more fun, snazzier and eye-catching – the animated explainer video.

Of course, corporate schmoozing is dead. And so is the business card, a papered relic that is as outdated as papyrus texts.

Business cards are no fun. They certainly don’t reflect the easygoing, engaging and fun-loving nature of small businesses in the 21st century. They don’t impress Millennials either, who are connecting with people online, their eyes, minds and hearts captured by eye-catching, colourful visuals, graphics and animations – as opposed to a boring piece of card with your telephone number on it.


Worse still for the dying business card (we’re being kind, it’s already totally dead and buried), we’re living in the era of The Lean Startup, where business are pivoting every five seconds. As such, the information on your business card you gave out last night? It’s already incorrect!

Gosh darn it! Why can’t there be an easier way to connect with other business and grow your brand? There is – the animated explainer video. But let’s stick to the business card for a moment.

Business Cards Tell Us Nothing

Another problem with the business card is that it doesn’t really tell us anything.


Think about it: What does your business card tell people? It tells them the name of your company, as well as a short tagline about what it does, and your contact details.


And that’s it.


It doesn’t really address a customers’ pain points, neither does it provide much engagement. Who’s going to pay much attention to it when animated explainer videos are explaining what your rivals do at the click of a button with cuteness, humor and emotion?

We’d let you win that argument if we’d never heard of LinkedIn

The harsh truth is that, with so many people now online and working online, the business card has become redundant.


If you’re still using one to grow your business instead of an animated explainer video, you have to wait for networking events to come around before you can spread your words.


And even then the odds are against you. You have to be confident, and you have to be very good at interacting with people.


All the while, your rivals are uploading their animated explainer videos and using a few online marketing techniques to attract customers to their website 24/7. They’re living in the future while you’re stuck in the past.

And in a final blow to the business card, what happens if you just hand them out to people at events but don’t actually make an effort to connect or engage with anyone? Do you really think they’ll still get in touch with you?


Or would your business card end up in the laundry with their jeans?



Still not convinced, let’s now take a look at a few reasons why animated explainer videos are replacing business cards.

Animated Explainer Videos Do ALL The Romancing

If you’re to get a prospective client interested in a networking event, you need to make damn sure you stand out. You need to work hard at romancing them, chatting with them, engaging with them, tapping into their pain points and showing them why you’ve possibly got what they need.


You need to be so good at this that when you say “we should chat,” you know for sure that they’re going to be in touch.


Romancing a client isn’t easy. It takes both time and effort – time and effort you might not have if you’ve got a whole floor to work and just one hour.


And if you think your card itself will do all the selling, think again.


An animated explainer video, on the other hand, does do all the selling and romancing. It does all the hard work so that you don’t have to. It tells prospects exactly what it is that that you do, offers a persuasive call to action, and provides contact details.

Even better, because it’s on your website, the customer is already on your website, too!


The only work involved for you is to work with a video production company in the planning stages. Make sure they know what your message is, and they’ll go ahead and work their magic. All you need to then do is wait for the final video, before uploading it. Et voila.

Animated Explainer Videos Can Go Viral


Can a business card go viral?




You’re just saying that because you’re stubbornly sticking to your guns on this one, aren’t you?




An awesome business card can’t go viral – but an awesome animated explainer video can.

A business card can be passed onto someone else, and word of mouth can certainly spread your message. But it can’t pick up the kind of momentum that an animated explainer video shared on social media can.


All it takes is for one video to go viral and you’ve made it. And if your animated video is awesome enough, there is no reason why that can’t happen.


People love to share fun, humorous and/or emotional things on the Internet – especially if it’s something that helps people (such as your business).

Do people love to share business cards? Um not quite. At least not in the same way.


Animated Explainer Videos Improve Your Engagement And Brand Image


Think back to the first ever business card you had made. If it was like most other’s, it would have been stuffy, corporate, and kinda bland.


That’s no problem – that’s just the way most business cards are.


And it sucks.


Especially in 2017, Millennials don’t care a fig for stuffy, corporate and bland. They want something fun and frivolous that they can interact with, something that makes them jump out of their seats with excitement.

They want something different.


More than that, they want something that engages with them in a few ways. They appreciate cuteness and humor, but they also appreciate emotion and feeling.


If your animated video is cute, funny, but also full of feeling and aware of a customers’ pain points, you can easily increase both your brand image and engagement in ways you just can’t do with a business card.

People love to watch and interact with videos. Videos keep us watching and – if the message is on the money and direct – they convince us to take action.


Animated Explainer Videos Are Trending


Lastly, the reason animated explainer videos are trending is that they work. It’s that simple.


Your competitors are already on board with them – or thinking of getting on board with them – which means that unless you do too, you’re going to fall behind the competition.


We all need to stay on top of trends and move with the competition. If we don’t, we run the risk of falling behind and being branded as dinosaurs.


An animated video gives your company a new dimension and brings it into 2017.


And once your animated video is up, all you need to do is let it sell your business.


Want the people you’re hanging out with to see what your company is all about? Whip out your iPad and show ‘em!

At Video Chef, we forecast the end of the business card era a long time ago.


It’s why we don’t have any cards ourselves. We’re not that boring!


And because we’re home to the team of expert, creative and professional video makers, we thought we’d make our own animated explainer videos!


Not just for us, but for you guys too.


If you’re looking to connect with new clients with a fresh animated explainer video that’s fun, cute and which tap into your customers’ pain points, we’re on hand to help you today.


Visit us at and get in touch for a free quote.