Yes, you’ve read it right. A 100% free “Pay it Forward Video” for you. Despite video being the most expensive type of content possible, we at Video Chef make it happen. It is our passion, drive and one of the core fundamentals our video production business is built upon.



pay it forward video

pay it forward video

Being happy is one of the goals everyone shares, yet consciously or unconsciously we end up working with businesses whose visions we are not fully aligned.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to act more responsible, how to get ready for new paradigm of money making, how to change work environment; and hopefully how to hang out with the likes of  Elon MuskVishen Lakhiani, Neil Patel, Peter Diamandis and other amazing visionaries.

We will do all this with the express purpose of leaving a long-term beneficial impact on the world with the help of video production.

But first let’s see the reasons why we’ve embraced the “Pay it Forward Video” strategy.

Are you one of many companies who suffer from unresolved tensions within the company?

We sure were. The tensions came from providing our service or products to clients with whose purpose we weren’t fully aligned. This happens when you take the client on board, even if you don’t agree with their moral or ethical motives.

In short, we’ve sold our soul to the devil :))

We did video projects solely because we were forced to compromise to make up for a poor cash flow.

We are not proud, but now we realize how this hurts us in a long term. Thus, on the bright side, it helped us to define our core values and taught us how to stand behind them. In short, we learned to behave responsibly and ethically. We took ability to respond wholeheartedly.

Holistically looking, the formula for happiness looks pretty simple: the more you give, the more you are able to receive.

Your Company’s Happiness Checklist.

Check your company and its client`s mission purpose:

  • Are you providing enough value that your services and products are based on love rather than fear.
  • Do they provide the same goodwill to their clients?
  • Does money come first or second, do you overdeliver, going an extra mile no one asked you for is not a problem?
  • Is your client`s satisfaction more important than yours, etc
  • Is money really more important than long term impact that your company could have? (especially now when the more they print it, the less is valuable)
  • Are you contributing to better world or you are feeding the beast that is taking the power away from people?

Just by answering on questions above you can determine the cause of your (un)happiness.

Our story

We did the same for us and it was clear that our force was driven by fear.

We decided to change that by removing all the glitter and sparkles. We got rid of all the illusion of what we tried to be, but are not.

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We are now left with bare force, a willpower common to every human. A will to help fellow beings. A will to make a world a better place, a legacy if you will.

From now on, we choose wisely to whom we’re gonna serve with all our video production talents, passion, knowledge and love.

We started this shift by consciously selecting our prospects and people with whom we want to associate. This is important for us, because it helps us create an environment for our business to thrive on, a foundation of healthy fundamentals – love.

Consequently, we saw a shift in our leadership.

Long gone are the days of companies ruled by force over their workers. Now the only chance of success you have is, if you invest in your own people, a team that supports your company`s vision.

From this kind of a team, a passion evolves, and from passion evolves creativity that can make you one of the biggest influencers in the world.

We have perfect example in the likes of leaders like Vishen Lakhiani, Elon Musk, Peter Diamandis and many others whose basic premise is philanthropy.

They are an early indicators of how future businesses will work for common good. And if you are still concerned about money… like Zig Ziglar said: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

And what you need to sell if you wanted to be successful in the past, now or in the future? It is happiness, an ability to make people happy perhaps?

Our Contribution to the world so far

We understand we are not as big as our role models are, and hence we cannot leverage the resources they do. But still, this doesn’t mean we are limited in the area of creativity.

For Video Chef this is something we were looking for for some time now. We didn’t know exactly how, but we set our directions early by producing animated videos which raised an awareness on some questionable topics and concerns. In this vein we’ve produced:

The case of Edward Snowden Visualized

Fukushima crisis visualized

Gold vs. Paper based financial system visualized

US Tax Debt visualized

62 People own as much as half the world visualized

…and similar videos.

Additionally, since we started and by our powers, we are sponsoring entrepreneurs from third world countries through Kiva.

We help NGOs and nonprofit organizations who have access to our video production services by giving them a 40% discount. Basically we take a minimum, fee which is just enough to cover our production costs.

It is not easy as Video Chef bootstrapping from the start, thus as I see it now, building a healthy ecosystem with strong fundamentals, was the only right direction for us.

Pay It Forward Video

We looked on other businesses and how they coped with the same challenges and we’ve  found a common ground with the “Pay It Forward” concept. This concept was best popularized through a Kevin Spacey`s Hollywood movie “Pay it Forward”

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The basic rule as described in Pay it forward day`s website is to “Do between one and three good deeds for others without asking for anything in return. Instead, the recipient should be instructed to pay it forward to someone else in need. “

We found successful implication in a small business of “Rosa’s Fresh Pizza”. At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, when you buy one slice of pizza, you receive two slices, one for you and one for a person in a need of a food, who are usually homeless people. For the person in need, you put a sticky note on the wall of pizzeria, which is later redeemed.

We accustomed the above lines with video production we do and we came up with our own “Pay it Forward Video” solution.

Video Chef’s clients Pay It Forward One Video At A Time

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one random act of kindness at time

one random act of kindness at time

We pride ourselves as a value driven company and your cause is important to us.

For each video order you’ll make, be it an explainer, promotional, 3D, stop motion, kinetic typography, whiteboard, social media or any other video production; you’ll receive an additional video – for a cause you care about.

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Alternatively you can use “Pay It Forward Video” option and sponsor someone else`s cause (usually NGOs or non profit organizations which can’t afford to pay for video).

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Tell us the cause you are fighting for and we’ll find an organization for who we’ll do a video free of charge, as a part of our  “pay it forward video” program.

Here is one example of the project that is currently waiting for its sponsor.

It is from an email exchange I had with a (not so) potential prospect.

Thanks Klemen, but you quite clearly have no idea of who we are or what we are about…

A little piece of advice that is free for you, why don’t you research the companies and organizations that you are trying to reach out to??

We are a not for profit organization, a registered charity….

I can see that you are just looking out for yourself and your Entrepreneurship which I cannot fault your passion and it is obviously something that you do on a daily basis. Shall I tell you what I have done today???  

Dealt with a stroke survivor who wanted to commit suicide, convinced him otherwise and that life is for living and we can face challenges together. That was this morning, then I was interviewed by a local group who want to nominate me for a regional award.

This afternoon I have been with a family member awaiting results of a brain scan to see what damage the stroke has caused to their family.

I am not being funny and I do not want to sound disrespectful but why don’t you do some proper research on who you are trying to target??

I will not bother you again and unless you are willing to fund my cause to help others impacted by Stroke, then I be overwhelmed if you did the same.

God Bless 


I must admit, I’ve been shocked and touched the first time I`ve read it. It got me thinking heavily, and I can say this blog post is heavily impacted by above reply.

At the same time, this is a superb example of someone who needs a video, has a good cause and yet can’t afford it.


We live in incredible times of an advanced technology and world, where the only way to succeed is by making other people more successful.

What better way to make more money by helping others and hang out with dudes as Vishen Lakhiani, Elon Musk, Peter Diamandis and similar?

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Now is your chance to join us and connect with a like-minded professional to form an alliance that will change the world. Because we – the people, ordinary folks like you and me, have the power to become role models and leaders of tomorrow.

And with great powers come great responsibility. The power to say NO more often than yes! The power to NOT work with companies with questionable moral and ethical standards.

As that we imagine Video Chef becoming the greatest video production company in the world, who will produce the best videos in the world; yet it will be in a position to not take any orders from companies and industries which are draining people, such as Insurance, Bank, Pharmacy, Coca Cola, Nestle and similar.

We pride ourselves as a conscious company and we are aware that the most powerful vote you can have is the vote with money. Hence if I don’t`t like your mission I ain’t giving you any of my votes, …read dollars.

There is no stronger medium to impact people with than video. Video says more than 10 000 words, and if we follow internet trends, we see that video is dominating on all fronts. People just don’t have time to read. They want video.

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I believe there are many business owners who are reading this and who are on a mission to improve the world. And this is the reason why you deserve one video for free.

When we are driven by passion and compassion. We can do great things, but only if we are do it together. On one side there is a lot of money and everyone is acting selfishly, while on the other side there is no money and everyone is helping selflessly.

Let’s bridge the difference and do something good for both sides. It is within your power and your responsibility – an ability to respond. A small thing for you means a big thing for someone else.

What an awesome way to create a legacy, better role models and place for the youngsters. Join our “Pay It Forward Video” mission today and get in touch for your website`s video and receive a video for a cause you care about.

No matter the cause, large or small, pursuing a passion to enable social change is one of the most worthwhile things anyone can do. And the fastest way to do it online is with a video.