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You don’t want to drown in a sea of endless offers and just pick an animation studio which produces nice cartoons, but fails to effectively convey the message you want to convey.


We are Video Chef and we treat video production like a cooking recipe. With simple but correct ingredients, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious video experience.

Free of worry because your satisfaction is our no.1 priority.


We meet your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Note that you have full control over the entire creation process.


Our detailed broken down steps just make the entire process easier and also save you a lot of time.


Each step is an opportunity for you to tell us “hey, this is great” or “hey, this part needs a bit more tweaking”.


Depending on the scale of the project, the exact process will vary, but will always follow the same general blueprint.
Please note, longer videos need more time for each step completion.

Step 1: Contact us!

You get in touch with us either through:

Contact form


telephone number: +1 954-957-5968

Facebook comment or message:


Let us know your preferred time and
method to contact you so we can discuss
your ideas, desires and needs.

Step 2: Video Questionnaire

We hand you video questionnaire and if needed in terms of clarification, get on a call with you to discuss your video needs and define the style of the video that would work best for you.

Step 3: Start of video production

Once video questionnaire is populated with detailed answers and your video objective is clear, we have enough information to start with script writing.

To initiate the process of video production and to receive your commitment to the project, we ask for half down-payment.

Step 4: Script writing

We deliver you an initial compelling script draft within 3 business days.

In practice it takes 1-2 days with emails back and forth to polish the script and match your targeted audience`s specific terminology.

Step 5: Storyboarding

Once you confirm the script, we start with visual storyboard production. Here, along with pre selected and agreed video style, we match your brand’s identity with colors and its feel. You’ll receive complete storyboard within 5 business days.


In practice it takes 1-2 days with emails back and forth to polish and confirm visual appearance. If video is of complex nature, we’ll first provide you with an initial 4 slide storyboard to confirm the style and characters.

Step 6: Voice Over Selection

Here you`ll be presented with a selection of voice over actors to choose from (male or female, any language).

Step 7: Animation, music and voice over synchronization

Once the storyboard is confirmed and voice over selected, we start with animation, video and audio production. You’ll receive video within 5 business days.

Step 8: Video revisions and completion

After you receive the video, you have multiple revisions available until you are 100% satisfied.


Before we deliver you final video, we’ll ask for the remaining part of due payment.


Upon that you’ll receive full HD watermark free video within 24 hours.


We are online most of the time and available for instant clarifications on any questions you might have.


Kindly get in touch and increase your conversions with video now!


telephone number: +1 954-957-5968

skype: videocheff

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