Using animated explainer video for your business is the smartest choice for your online marketing endeavors.

Why is it smart to choose video? There are so many reasons why choosing video is a good decision for your business, but the most compelling one is that video is starting to become the new “print.” If you are worried that you may be left behind, you can take a deep breath. Relax! It is never too late for you to follow video trends. In fact, today is the perfect time to profit from this opportunity.

Watching online videos is now a mainstream activity on the Internet. Based on video trends, there are 78% more people watching videos online at least once a week, and 55% are watching videos daily. This is evident on YouTube and other social media sites such as Facebook. The future is now!  It was predicted that by 2014, 90% of the web traffic will be directly from videos.  That trend has already started.

This preference for video instead of text is already noticeable. Whenever there is a new product or service online, a rise of almost 122% in video trend searching is observed. Thus, in just a few short years, your competitors will fight you on a very different battleground, and this shift to videos is already here!

For business owners and online entrepreneurs, here is a convincing fact that you should know:
After 72 hours of visiting the website, viewers will only remember 10% of the text and 65% of visuals and images. Surprisingly, the same visitor will remember 90% of the video. It is also quite interesting to know that 80% of users who watch the entire video will click on other links to learn more about what you offer.

When a visitor goes to your website, you only have 10 seconds to grab their attention before they click away and abandon your site. In fact, the first few minutes of your visitor’s visit are crucial for building trust with your customers. With more visitors who trust your brand, you can expect the rise in revenue to follow. In this cutthroat world of online shopping, only the most trustworthy brands survive.

Are you still listening to the gurus who’ve failed to increase the sales you’ve been hoping for? If you want to really build a strong brand in the middle of tight online competition, there is only one solution: The power of using an explainer video.

Why is it essential to use the explainer video  to stay ahead?

Videos can capture the attention of your target clients. Based on video trend research, 4 out of 10 shoppers visit either the physical or online store after watching a video. With the right elements, a video can hypnotically draw your audience in to your offer.

When you have an animated explainer video, you will be able to quickly benefit. Because our crew is a team of visual storytellers, we can help convey your idea into something that your prospects will love to watch. In as short as 2 minutes, prospects will be convinced that your business is worth buying from. Thus, your prospects will easily increase revenue by at least 20%.

The search engine optimization benefits are GREAT! Compared to a textual page, a video has 53 times better chance of ranking on Google’s first page. With the help of these videos, customers will be able to find you faster.

Video chef is the only choice when looking for the most reliable explainer video company. Our crew will be happy to create videos for you to increase your sales in the fastest way. If you are looking for a persuasive and equally informative whiteboard video for your sales presentation, you can definitely rely on us. Let us help you beat the competition.

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