When you think of cutting-edge digital videos, you probably think Hollywood: Star Wars; Lord of the Rings; Jurassic Park.

These movies all make prominent use of intricate and meticulous computer-generated recreations of mystical beings and vehicles that cost millions of dollars to put on screen. But let’s be honest: we almost always know what was created digitally. We know dragons don’t exist. We know spaceships don’t travel at warp speed.

But Hollywood loves to pat itself on the back, secure in their belief that they’re creating living, breathing monsters and tangibly vast hoards of warriors, and fooling their audience all the way to the bank. They may be making money, but the audience is smarter than that. Most computer-generated effects are, if not downright sloppy, not very believable. The dragon is too shiny; the giant tiger moves awkwardly, the space ship fails to show a human pilot inside. We go into a movie theatre ready to suspend our disbelief, but what happens when what we see is crassly unbelievable?

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In short, Hollywood special effects have become a bloated mess.

But what if there was a video producer who didn’t try to hide the fact that what you were looking at was computer-generated? What if this video producer actually made that fact a virtue?

Video Production Guru

Meet Kristoffer Brady and his mind-boggling graphics for the upcoming short film, Simian:

By capturing the beauty inherent in visual technical data, Mr. Brady has created something truly unique. Even for the computer-illiterate, his work is captivating, meaningful, and deeply moving. Specifically for the short film, Simian, his usage of UI (User Interface) and HUD (Heads-Up Display) graphics take the seemingly banal components of a computer and use them to elevate the main character in the film. If one didn’t know any better, it may even seem that the camera was simply pointed at a computer monitor.

But Kristoffer Brady, an art director and designer who has worked on a number of high-profile ad campaigns and computer games, has put much more thought and energy into his video productions for the web. The footage seen in the video above from Simian is not simply a single shot of one animation. It is a composite of different computer systems. It includes maps of earth orbit debris, long range frequency scanners, and waveforms. All very technical stuff, I know, but that’s the beauty of what Mr. Brady has done: he has taken highly-technical data and morphed it into something beautiful. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.