What is custom animation and what power does it hold in the present business world?

First, let’s take a look at the most visited sites in the world. Coming in at 3rd place is YouTube, and we all know what YouTube is for. It’s a place where you can upload a web video for the world to see, and businesses are taking advantage of this.

Coming in at 2nd place is Facebook. Chances are you can count with two hands the people you personally know who are not on Facebook, so that’s proof of its popularity. Facebook is a good platform for businesses sharing a promotional video.

Of course, the most visited site in the world is Google, and you can bet that a lot of people are using Google to search for videos. This is why there are now a lot of web video production companies specializing in custom animation.

What is Custom Animation?

Simply put, this is web animation that’s customized with several things in mind, namely:

  • The individual or company promoted
  • The target viewers of the animation
  • The goals of the animation

As a company, Video Chef recognizes that there’s more to custom animation than just putting out cute animated 2D videos. You also have to make sure that the viewers understand what’s happening in the website video.

custom animation

custom animation

Let’s say that you want to create a video to showcase your company’s services. You have to make sure that the promotional videos fully explain the services of your company. This is why instead of just focusing on animations only, we decided to specialize in graphic animation and animated explainer videos as well.

What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Just as the term implies, it’s an animated video that aims to explain. We understand that videos can easily capture the attention of viewers, but we also realize that we have to make sure that viewers watch the whole video and understand your message. This is why it’s important that we give them a reason to do so, and fun and informative videos can do that.

What exactly are we going to explain? Well, it really depends on what our clients want and need us to explain. We’ll create a script based on the company, its goals, and its target viewers. We will do custom animation to make sure that these things are taken into consideration.

Who are We?

We are Video Chef. We are an animated explainer video production company that specializes in creating videos that everyone understands. We understand that video is the new print, and we’re just taking advantage of this phenomenon so that our clients can achieve their goals. We are a world-renowned company with offices in the USA and Europe. Our clients trust us because we deliver. In fact, our clients have reported a 20% increase in revenue at the very least.

Why Do You Need an Animated Explainer Video?

People online love videos, and the top 3 most visited sites in the world are proof of this. If you’re still not taking advantage of this fact, you’re missing out on a lot.

Custom animation that explains what your company does is now a must.

It can help you establish an online presence and if you already have an online presence, it can help you improve it. If you want customers to at least check out what you have to offer, you need to establish the fact that you can be trusted, and there’s just a small window of time for you to capture their attention and trust.

By using an animated explainer video, you immediately capture their attention and trust within the first 10 seconds. We’ve worked with some of the best companies in the world and they’ve reported an increase in revenue. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience the same thing.

See for Yourself What We can Do for You

Are you really curious to see how custom animation and animated explainer videos can help you? You already know how a business video can help, but let us show you how an explainer video can help.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free video script so you can see for yourself the power of words when used with custom animation. Sign up now by clicking on the image below and get your very own video script that you can use for custom animation.

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