At Video Chef, we appreciate the finer things in life: Good living, clean air, sunshine, positive people, social harmony. We love nature, love, integrity – and awesome explainer videos. 

We look at explainer videos like this: If you can’t simplify your message so that even a six-year-old child can understand it, you’re doing things wrong. Your audience will get bored, frustrated and they’ll look elsewhere. 

That is notwhat video and video marketing is supposed to be 🙂 

Creativity and Imagination

As such, Video Chef is home to a team of strategic creatives who want to reduce your message to its core. This means your customers get to understand it in two minutes or less. We are marketers but we are also artists. Our aim is to make our videos as fresh, as creative and as easy-to-understand as possible.

We also add animations that keep things exciting so that your customers watch until the end before taking the desired action you want them to take. This means everyone is happy. Your customers get to make a more informed decision and you get to make more sales. 


Now that we’ve been in the video marketing game for (more than 5 years??), we’re starting to get the right recognition for it! We work with SaaS companies and online businesses from all over the world who need to dilute their message. Then, they showcase it via an engaging, entertaining but ultimately informative and appealing explainer video. 

Moreover, each business we have worked with has in their own way helped to promote Video Chef to the wider world, too. 

We are now proud and excited to tell you that we’ve been included on Top Video Marketing Companies. This is a brand new, recently launched marketing agencies ranking site. They saw our work as a video marketing company, and saw fit to include us in the video marketing category! 

The platform is designed to help businesses make better buying decisions when it comes to which marketers they should work with. Whether a business needs a team to help them with their social media marketing, or a team to help them with their video marketing (that’s what we do!), they can simply pop over to Top Marketing Companies and sift through the different categories until they find the marketing team that’s right for them. 


As well as being recognised for our video marketing efforts and getting ourselves included in ranking sites like Top Marketing Companies, Video Chef has also been working with some awesome upcoming brands around the world who are leveraging blockchain technology. More recently we have worked with the likes of Bug Blasters and Oleventa. 

We’re also proud to have worked with multiple brands who share our values: These are brands who are looking to help clean up our beautiful planet and make it more sustainable and ethical. In the end, we can all leave a better future for our children in the years to come. Whether that’s via a peer to peer payment system such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology, or simply by being greener in other ways. 


Our mission is to join forces with ethical brands who have strong values, and who want us to be a part of their story and journey. 

To that end, we consider Video Chef to be more than just a video marketing company. We want to be a voice for ethical brands all over the world who have a passion and desire to change the world. We want to make it more harmonious for everyone.

It’s also our desire to “improve the world with one video at a time.” To that end, we offer our clients an additional video for free for a cause that they care about. This could be related to the environment, homelessness or world hunger. Whatever it is, we wish to share their courage to help make the world a better place for everyone. 

If we can do that via colourful, engaging and informative explainer videos, it makes us really happy!

If you’re at all interested in having your company’s message explained to your customers via an engaging explainer video, don’t just take our word on things. Check out what our clients have had to say about us and what we’ve done for them.