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Good news – Our video greeting cards will help you strengthen your relationship with your clients, prospects, and followers.


.…even if it’s super late and you’re without a budget.


For many businesses, having a greeting video card is just too expensive, and unless you are a super
big fish, you simply can’t afford them.


…until now.


Since videos are the most lovable and the most expensive content possible, we at Video Chef are working really hard to provide an affordable solution for people like you.


Imagine yourself (in this late period of time) having four holiday greeting video cards:

Fully branded with your personalized messages and your URL,

Delivered to you within 24 hours!

Send greetings through your client’s and prospect’s favorite interaction medium – a video,

Connect with your customers and prospects with personalized messages,

Distribute the videos through your marketing channels
(email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram…),

Claim authority in your niche marketplace,

Go viral and pick new followers on the way,

Save time and money,

and much more!

Now, when you find an amazing deal (like this) that totally eliminates your video greetings problem for good, we know you think There’s Got To Be A Catch. Right?


You’re correct, and the catch is that these videos are not available to everyone. Since Christmas is approaching fast and we want to keep your brand as unique as possible, these videos are available only to the first 100 buyers.


But don’t worry – since you are here now, videos are still available, and you’ll pay for it a LOT less than you think. But before we tell you how little…


We want you to know there’s MORE to this offer!

How did we arrive at these videos that are sure to make your brand go viral? We took already proven viral image quotes that got thousands of likes, shares, and comments and recycled them into a fresh form of content – a viral quote video!


Check them out…

So, What’s Having 4 Custom-Made Holiday Greeting Videos With 2 FREE Viral Quote Videos Going To Cost You?


Considering how stressful it is to be late with Christmas/New year greetings and having no budget for videos, you would probably expect to pay more than $2000. After all, we invested a lot of resources trying to figure out the most affordable and unique solution through much trial and error. And when we found it, we invested additional resources in video production to make these videos available to you at reasonable prices.


It cost us $400 to produce only one custom video greeting card.


And if you would be buying similar videos elsewhere, it would cost you at least DOUBLE.

But right now, as part of the limited time offer on this page, you won’t pay $2000.


You won’t pay $1000 either.


You won’t even pay $500.

That’s right, your investment is only $12.83 per video.




After payment, click on “Return to merchant” to land on form where you’ll let us know your message and URL.


After that, you’ll receive fully branded videos within 24 hours in your email address.

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