Video Chef is an animated video production company.

However, we’re not like just any other company out there that produces animated videos. We specialize in promotional video production of animated explainer videos. You might be asking why we chose to focus on marketing video production. Well, in this day and age of the Internet, we feel that companies can benefit from animated videos. At the very least, these videos can help companies establish or improve their online presence.

More and more of your customers are getting online, and they love watching videos. We just want to make sure that we satisfy the need for top-notch business video production services, and this is why we’re offering animated explainer videos. Judging from the increase in revenue that our clients are getting, it’s really a must that you jump in and get your very own company video that will explain to your prospective customers what your company is all about.

What Makes Animated Explainer Videos Different?

An animated video production company makes videos.

However, you have to make sure that these videos help you achieve your goal – which is to get more customers. For example, a company may specialize in website video production. However, how sure are you that the video on your website does a good job? For it to succeed, it should do these things:

• It helps people understand and embrace your marketing message.

• It captures their attention.

• It builds trust.

• It entertains them.

• It provides information.

• It turns prospects into customers.

This is why more and more businesses are now looking into using animated explorer videos. As a world-renowned animated video production company, we here at Video Chef decided to satisfy the rising demand for videos that can do the above things. We started this video production business with one thing in mind – help our customers. This is why we won’t just make a company video for you. We’ll make an Internet video production that’s fun, entertaining, captivating, and informative. If you think about it, there’s nothing more fun, entertaining, captivating, and informative than an animated explainer video!

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

Animated Video Production

Animated Video Production

Obviously, the animated video production process is a little different with an animated explainer video than with a normal video.

For the normal video, you animate video for the purpose of captivating and entertaining your viewers. On the other hand, the animated video production process involved in making an animated explainer video relies a lot on the script. So basically, there are two processes involved – making the script and animating the video. Not all companies can do animated explainer videos, especially video startup companies. This is because making a script for an animated explainer video requires a lot of skills and experience.

The Experience of Video Chef

We are a world-renowned company in the field of animated video production mainly because of our experiences in making animated explainer videos. We’ve done custom animation for many other world-renowned brands and this helped us improve our craft. Our clients have reported an increase in revenue of at least 20% thanks to our custom animation.

Why it Works

When was the last time that you watched a company presentation intently? You don’t remember, because there’s a good chance that you never really paid attention, knowing that it would be a promotional video. On the other hand, when was the last time that you spent a couple of hours on YouTube? The last time was probably yesterday. Your prospective customers are just like you. They’re not going to sit down and watch a boring web video, especially if it’s a company video. They’ll decide within 10 seconds if they’re going to watch the video or not.

By using an animated explainer video, your prospective customers will feel like a kid again; therefore, they’ll put their guards down and watch and listen to what you have to say. This is why animated explainer videos work.

Get Your Own Video Script for Free

Just to give you an idea, we’ll give you a free video script. If you want to see for yourself why we’re one of the best animated video production companies in the world as far as animated explainer videos are concerned, get your own free video script by clicking on the link below.
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