Besides producing amazing blockchain promo videos, we’re passionate about changing the world.


Which is why we’re the primary video company that’s leading the way when it comes to helping our customers`s prospects understand their blockchain technology.

But why are cryptocurrencies and blockchain so important?


The Fiat Economy Is Dying

Here’s the thing: Traditional fiat currencies have been decreasing in value since time immemorial. The Gold Telegraph calls fiat currency “valueless” and points out that the U.S. dollar has lost a whopping 97% of its value since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913 – at the start of the First World War!


And you only need to look at history to see where an economy propped up by fiat currency has failed. Germany collapsed under debts it couldn’t pay after WWI. France was destroyed not once or twice but THREE times by fiat currency. In the 11th century, fiat money even ruined China’s wealthiest families! Fiat belongs to a dated centralised economy that has failed time and time again, and which needs replacing.


Sure, we hear about individual success stories all the time:

  • Each year, we’re reminded that Warren Buffet is worth X amount of billions.
  • For the past ten years or so, we’ve been told that Jeff Bezos’ wealth is growing.
  • And who can forget Mark Zuckerberg?

But these guys belong to the top 1%. And in a fiat centralised economy that doesn’t scale, it’s only the top 1% that gets rewarded.


As it’s been for years already, the only vote that matters is the vote with money. And rather than put their hard earned cash into banks so that the banks can fund wars and terrorism, people are wising up and putting their cash into crypto.


The Benefits of Decentralisation

At Video Chef, we’re always open to fresh ideas and innovative solutions, and we just love the idea of decentralisation. In fact, we love it so much that we’re shifting our design/video production solely to the support of the decentralised economy. This means that, over time, we’ll be accepting digital coins only.


No more dollars, no more Euros … just crypto that supports decentralisation and a freer, better balanced economy for ALL. And when the economy is freer, the world is more transparent. Who wouldn’t want that?!


The Problem …

However, there’s one snag: Not everyone understands crypto. Ask your friends what they think of Bitcoin and they’ll most likely say they’ve heard of it but they don’t really understand it. Just 5% of millennials are involved in the world of crypto’s, while 15% say they’re thinking of getting involved. This means that 80% of millennials still don’t know enough about cryptocurrencies.


There are a TONNE of articles and bloggers on the Internet who do their best to explain what crypto is. But people are still left scratching their heads. After a 5,000 word blog post, the questions are the same:

  1.  So … what is Bitcoin again?
  2. Wait. So Bitcoin and Blockchain are the same thing? I’m confused.
  3. I need coffee.



As well as confusion surrounding the crypto world, however, there’s also plenty of doubt and misleading hype. There are scams and dodgy, wild claims. Despite cryptocurrency having a collective market cap of over $130 billion, despite one Bitcoin being worth $11,000, and despite crypto making lots of investors very rich, plenty of people are still suspicious about it.


They have reservations:

  • Is crypto a bubble?
  • Will I lose all my money in crypto?
  • Are all these new coins just scams?


Blockchain Video Production Will Make It Easier For The World To Understand Crypto World

These are good questions and we have no problem with people asking them. We’ve all been brought up in a fiat economy and many are resistant to change. Explaining crypto and removing doubt with just plain words is hard.


That’s right. Video is a more fun, engaging and ultimately visual way of explaining blockchain that make it easier for people to understand this exciting new world. It’s our mission to improve the collective knowledge of the crypto environment in a clear and engaging way via video, while removing the doubts people have about these new digital coins.


Our aim is to cover a variety of crypto topics with our videos:

  • ICO
  • Blockchain technology
  • Digital coins and tokens
  • Decentralized economy
  • ++ More

Need proof of our commitment to the crypto currency, as well as the quality of our videos? Well, we recently won an award for the BEST VIDEO for the crypto currency LBRY. Besides you are always welcomed to browse through our amazing  blockchain video portfolio.


The Future … meet East Coast Crypto and Civitas

The future doesn’t belong to the U.S. dollar or the Euro. It belongs to blockchain and decentralization – decentralized economies, technologies, cryptocurrencies and communities.


One such thriving crypto community is East Coast Crypto.


East Coast Crypto has a discord group of over 2,000 members which is growing all the time. Members come from all kinds of different backgrounds and they all have different skills. The community is a thriving with beginners and crypto veterans alike and the atmosphere is friendly, positive and geared towards helping each other achieve success in this brave new world.


People in this community genuinely want others to succeed, and the best thing? No one is driven by money. Instead, they’re driven by values and a passion to change the world for the better.


It’s only in such a selfless community driven by the betterment of mankind that a coin such as Civitas can thrive.


Civitas is one of thousands of new cryptocurrencies that’s named after the ancient Roman concept that community is not just the collective body of citizens – it’s the contract that binds them all.



The “together we are stronger” philosophy is the guiding force behind the Civitas coin and the community. More importantly, it’s powerful ethos that can take us all towards a new, free global economy, free from imperialistic chains where citizens have the power to take control of their lives in the pursuit of financial freedom.


Beside community coin, ECC is enrolling its own crypto trading bot, as well as its own trading exchange and additional crypto economy  verticals.


ECC`s future is looking super bright and is the supreme example on how to do transparent business in these days. A business from which everyone benefits. While you can learn more about the community from our ECC fellow here, you can join Civitas and its East Coast Crypto`s discord movement here.


What that means for us …can we  really change the world?

In uncertain times like this, finding the right strategic partner is of utter importance. Sharing common values is the first step and partnerships based on that always thrive.


And from that reason, we are proud to say, that besides other cryptocurrencies we also accept Civitas. We firmly believe that this is a force for a greater good. At the end of the day, we want to see businesses we work with, grow super-fast …and we want to grow with them.


So if you are an ECC member, or you have Civitas, hit me up. I`ll do my best to support you with our full stack design video production and provide you with the best bang for your money…ups Civitas 🙂


Remember while crypto works for you, for me, and for everyone, fiat works only for the top 1%.


And as Sensei from ECC says:

“Crypto …multiplies.

It works for you.

It is an employee that pays you.

If bitcoin decreasingly values the dollar economy …why do you still want dollars?”


It is time for Civitas 🙂

 There’s a new Sheriff in town and it’s cleaning up the corruption and imbalance. It means governments and banks will no longer have a stranglehold on our finances and economies. The power will be again in our hands.


Money belongs to everyone, future belongs to us!