They say that if you buy cheap, you buy twice …

If you buy cheap clothes, you’ve gotta buy more clothes soon after.

Because the first ones just didn’t cut it. They shrunk in the wash. They tore easily!

It’s the same with cars, the same with mobile phones …

And it’s especially the same with videos.

As an awesome small business who knows your target audience, you’re doing yourself and your customers a HUGE disservice if you don’t buy your videos from Video Chef!


Because we’re cooking up a tropical STORM out here that’s sweeping across the world with dazzling images, fun animations and easy-to-understand messages that kick-ass and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Because we ARE …

Video Chef are the heavyweight champions of the world

when it comes to producing fresh, engaging, informative and entertaining videos that your audience falls in love with.

We’ve done our training, seen what our competitors can come up with, and we’ve floored them all.

While they snooze, we work our magic.

While they eat, we keep on cooking!

And while they stick with the same recipe, we keep experimenting with flavours.

We are Video!

In business since 2011, we’ve worked with companies big and small from all over the world.

We’ve created a whopping
4,000 info graphics

A staggering
700 presentations

And a mind-boggling
700 videos

We work on pure momentum, which means we literally don’t stop.

And when we’re hot, we’re HOT.

And right now, we’re sizzling like white on rice.

Because OUR MISSION Is …

Super duper simple.


Your prospect wants something from you … Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on your page.

They WANT you to solve a problem for them.
A pretty big problem.

They’ve turned to you for help – for a solution

But unless you can succinctly explain your product or service in a 60-second video, they’re going to leave, still frustrated!

At Video Chef, our mission is to take your core message and explain it in simple terms via a short, bursting-with-life video that your audience understands perfectly.

It outlines their problem, and explains exactly how you’re going to solve it.

Because OUR VALUES …

At Video Chef, we do what we do out of love. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it!

We have big hearts, and we want to connect customers with businesses so that everyone leaves happy.

It’s a win-win situation

We work with 100% integrity, and put our heart and
soul into our videos.

We’re creative, imaginative, but we also
know the market.

In other words, we make fun videos that are a joy to watch, but which also conform to market trends. And just as trends change, we adapt. It’s all part of our growth, learning and contribution.

And we love it!

Because WE DO IT with tried and tested recipes …

Just like momma used to make 😉

When food is tasty, everyone is happy.

When all the ingredients are just right, when the flavours blend, coalesce and fit, it’s pure ecstasy for the tastebuds.

The smells, the tastes, the textures …

Video Chef is the master chef when it comes to videos. Our videos SIZZLE.

And when we think they need a kick, we add a bit more sauce into the pot. In other words, we treat the video production process like a chef treats the cooking process.

We take the right ingredients, mix them altogether, and add our signature sauce to give your video a unique flavour that has your audience begging to know the recipe.


You’ve might have heard the famous quote from UFC world champion Conor McGregor.

Asked where his talent came from, he said that he has no talent.

“This isn’t talent. This is an obsession.”

At Video Chef, we have the same mindset.

The difference is that we are both obsessed and talented.

Obsession drives us towards innovation, setting trends, and blazing trails.

Talent ensures we can craft the videos that stand out from the crowd.

We are home to a talented and obsessed team of




And we are backed by entrepreneurs who are obsessed with making great videos.

We grow … and we want you to grow with us.

Why us?

Video Chef are natural-born storytellers who love to engage people with visuals.

We know the science of visual communication, and we know how to tap into your customer’s emotions with images.

We understand what makes them tick, and we know what they want to see.

Importantly, we are an ethical company! We don’t accept proposals from morally dubious companies who have scrupulous intentions …

And yes, you know the kind we’re referring to 😉

Companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle, as well as industries like Pharmacy, Banking and Insurance. We avoid them because their values don’t match ours.

See, we love social good. We love to see people get ahead in life and do well.
And we want to be a part of making good things happen for people.

We want to help make the world a better place for all, and we strongly believe that videos and businesses can help to change lives, improving education, the environment, and poverty in deprived areas.

As it says in our mission statement: “Improving the world with one video at a time.”

With each order, we provide a second video for FREE for a cause that you care about.

Because We Love And Admire

• Who are our heroes?

• Our heroes are the rebels.

• The innovators who dared to be different.

• When everyone else was resting, they chose to burn through the cosmos like shooting stars.

• The troublemakers.

• They ones who surged ahead when people told them to stay grounded.

• The ones who took us all to the stars!

• The ones who thought so much outside the box that they went and found NEW boxes!

Because We Have An Easy,
Tried-and-Tested, Client-Friendly 3-Step Process

Our user experience is as smooth as velvet.

It’s a three-step process that starts with a script, written by our copywriters who are on the top of their game right now.

Then, our animators get to work on the storyboard …

We love this bit, as it’s where the video really starts to come to life.

Then, our video production magician’s practice pure alchemy and turn the idea into an animation.

Because There Is No Limit To What We Can Do With Video Production

Our world is limitless

Unlike a supernova, our star never burns out and dies.
We’re so adaptable and open to fresh ways of visualising ideas that we work on all kinds of videos:

Because We Serve Your Industry

Worried that we might not serve your industry? We serve a variety of industries, including:

Mobile App











Cyber Security

The best investment you can ever make is the one you make in yourself and your business.

We know what we’re doing.

Invest in us, and you invest in video.

If you love your business, and want to take it off life-support so that it can function by itself, we’re ready to talk to you.