The main goal for any website video is to turn visitors into action takers and bring in revenue.

Because it sounds easier than it is done, I want to focus on the specific steps involved in the process of creating web video from both perspectives – ours as animation producers and yours as a client.

In most cases our clients are business owners and project managers who work on behalf of the businesses they want video for.

In both cases these are the people who know what they want, otherwise they simply wouldn’t be at the position they currently are.

This comes in handy as it is easier to work with people who know what they want.

But is it really so?

Let`s see two examples of our buyers:

The first one is a simple business to business relationship. They need a website video done and they want our production company to create it.

The second one is same business to business relationship, just like above, but with a difference. Here a buyer is “the all-knowing person”, who tells us how we should do the video for him.

Excuse me, but this is the same thing as me going to pizza restaurant and telling the cook how to prepare me the dish.

Of course we understand that not all videos are the same. In this case we are discussing an explanation video for the same purposes.

The difference is in the first example where our client gets the video that does the job for him – converts his visitors into action takers, while in the second example, the client gets the video which doesn’t do the job at all.

Or in other words, the video in first example will be able to convert viewers into action takers while in the second example this won’t be the case.

website video

approaching website video the wrong way

Besides that the end video is not serving its purposes, it is also a time consuming process because of countless emails traveling back and forth, trying to smoothen the communication gap of unconventional video production.

It costs us, a website video production company, a lot more because it is expensive and time-consuming to do customized processes and make numerous revisions and corrections directly on the video.

Another thing we hate is that the video is not suitable for our portfolio. Which means we are losing out the in long term by taking the job.

In the end your website video doesn’t tell the story, because:

  • It is not the product you want to sell. But it is a story,

  • it doesn’t push any emotional buttons because it doesn’t solve any problems that your prospect is in,

  • you don’t not show solutions and possibilities to your prospects.

And because your video doesn’t follow conventional storytelling structure, it just doesn’t make sense for your prospects and they don’t convert.

Creating a good explanation video is a science that requires following certain fundamentals. You might like the video that you saw somewhere or your competition has, but that video serves a different purpose than yours.

In the end you receive a poor video where you lost money and we didn’t maximize our animation creativity .

Another example of “the all-knowing person” are their scripts. The challenge here is that in most cases these scripts are unprofessionally written and are talking to different segments of potential buyers who are in different phases of their buying process.

In this case we will advise you how to properly set your sales funnel and what kind of video sequences you should have in case of multiple videos.

Doing this means you would escape overwhelming your prospects with too much information in a short time:

  • Considering the maximum attention span for promo videos is 1-2 min, you would be able to get your videos viewed in full,

  • you would offer a logical flow for your viewers and hence increase the number of conversions at each step.

We understand that we each perceive the world around us differently. Not all countries in the world have internet marketing as developed as the leading countries.

We know that you as a client are the KING and we respect that. We just want to keep your ego away from having an awesome website video that your business deserves.

Best example here calls the one of Henry Ford, who wasn’t familiar in detail with all aspects of car building from technical point of view. Instead of this he leverage the best people who had necessary skills for it. And for same relation and best possible result, we at Video Chef are calling as well.

 Trust us, we are an animated explanation video production company and this is our field of expertise. We excel in same way as you do in your business.

We know a thing or two about creating compelling and engaging videos. One of our videos got in the “top 20 most powerful storytelling videos of 2013” selection by, the biggest community platform for data visualization. See more at number 13, The Case of Edward Snowden Visualized.

Furthermore, since we produce multiple variations of animations, we would suggest what kind of video would work best for your business and hence convert your visitors into action takers.

We believe life at its core is simple and in the same way we want to display the simplicity of your business. People who want to buy from you are simple too.

Contact us for your video quote estimation or free consultation regarding your business video needs. If you already have a script and you are not sure about it, we’ll be happy to review it and pimp it to max. We`ll reply within 1 hour unless we happen to be sleeping–in which case we`ll reply as soon as we wake up.