We produced one of the “Top 20 most powerful storytelling videos of 2013” by Visual.ly, the biggest community platform for data visualization. And we would love to do the same in 2015 with your video.
Why do you need it?
You have only 10 SECONDS to grab your visitor's attention
The first few minutes are crucial to build TRUST and RELATIONSHIP
Many Businesses have increases their revenue by atleast 30%
Who we Are

We at Video Chef show you a near hypnotic way to sell stuff with videos that gives new life to your products or services.

We are visual storytellers who convey complex ideas into simple videos that everyone understands. This is our way of contributing to more simple world we live in.

As a renowned animated explainer video production company based in Europe and the United States, our objective is to adjust your web presence to match the current business environment with animated video explanations that everyone can understand.

We believe life in core is simple and in the same way we want to display simplicity of your business. Because people who want to buy from you are simple too.
The 6 Step Video Creation Process
Start to End : 14 Days Average
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One of our videos was picked as one of the top 20 most powerful storytelling videos by Visualy.ly, the biggest community platform for data visualization and infographics. More
If we don`t boost your conversions within 30 days, you are welcome to a 100% refund.
We support third world entrepreneurs through Kiva (a non-profit organization, that allows people to lend money to low-income underserved entrepreneurs and students in over 70 countries). More
We believe everyone is entitled to the best possible price we can offer. To qualify for discount, you should be legal entity. If you are not, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can make an exception.
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