If you are not utilizing social media for your brand`s exposure for any reason, then this article about social videos is coming way too early for you.

And if your social profiles are still without any videos, then this blog post will help you to understand why having a social video is not a question for some time now.

Fact No.1 – Video Trends

We all know that video is on pace to account 75% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020, but it is of same importance that we are aware of today`s video trends and how to take an advantage of it.

If we are to agree with Google`s engineering director – Ray Kurzweil who is saying that technological progress is speeding up exponentially, we can confirm that this is happening very obviously in social media and video.

One of the main reasons video content is an uprising trend is fast broadband connections, Internet in new countries and consequently growing number sales of computing devices, smartphones, and tablets.

Fact No.2 – Visual Engagement

All of this is shaping by how we visually communicate with each other and how we are modifying an existing social networks ecosystem.

Moreover, with videos, this is easier than with anything else, especially because of its visual appeal of moving imagery and ability to capture user’s attention from the first frame.

Per example now you can easily breakthrough usual content blindness and help at consumer’s buying decision, knowing that only 20% of non-video posts are hardly generating any kind of emotional reactions.

Fact No.3 – Videos are by far the most preferred type of content by any audience

Video is the most popular

People love video

Consequently, they are the type of content that gets the highest rate of engagement. This makes your video easily to go viral as your followers are liking, commenting and sharing it, turning them from followers to your brand ambassadors.

Fact No.4 – Social Videos find their audience on their own

Next time, when you are uploading videos to Facebook, imagine that you are actually adding them to a big sea of videos. Moreover, the beauty of this is that from there on, your videos will find their audience on their own, simply by engagements (likes, shares, comments) that will happen inside of targeted audience.

At this point, video strategy becomes a number of games. The more videos you’ll add to the sea, the more people will get engaged with it and hence the higher your return on investment will be.

[bctt tweet=”People are also searching for videos from inside of FB, slowly turning it in a total replacement for YouTube” via=”no”]

Fact No.5 – Increased Click Through Rate

Since your videos are appearing next to your prospect`s friend photo or relative`s status, it makes them also subconsciously more domestic and click appealing.

Because Facebook is constantly upgrading its user experience, your videos are less and less intrusive for your prospects while they are more and more valuable for you especially thanks to high click through rate provided by Facebook’s video features auto-play video and ability to add your own clickable link when the video ends.

Fact No.6 – “Live broadcasting Facebook Video” Production costs are next to none

Moreover, when it comes to video production costs, they are next to none. Really?! Yes, because people most of all prefer »how to« type of videos. Videos which helps them solve a certain problem. Moreover, now you can create this type of videos for any possible business industry. All you need is an HD camera supported smartphone. Specially now when Facebook is pushing really hard with its “Facebook Live video”. By some data it increases your reach 10 times fold.

Fact No.7 – Social Videos establishes you as an authority in your field of expertise

Well, almost all. You shouldn’t neglect the most important thing, which is to provide value to your prospects and targeted audience. Also, if you’ll do one video or two, it won’t be enough as videos are only one part of the bigger puzzle. With video postings, you should stick to the system, say publish one video per week, or if you want success faster, do it one per day.

As mentioned above, the more videos you’ll make and the more value you’ll provide, the faster you’ll see your return on investment.

Among other things, this »how to« video helps you provide better personal experience, as despite being in the online world, people still prefer to buy from people.

Once you enjoy an authority, you can simply recycle all your voice from videos and turn them into animated videos or transcribe them and turn them to blog posts.

[bctt tweet=”Do you remember popular quote images? You can use your quotes in the same way, just turn them into  quote videos.” via=”no”]

Now these are the type of videos with strong potential to go viral without you almost doing anything.

Fact No.8 – With social videos you have unlimited possibilities

They are very practical and you can use them in various ways. With it you can run an advertising campaign, sponsored posts, you can use it once, or you keep it in continuous status update rotations.

The best of all, you can publish it in all other video supported social networks.


To sum up, the future of internet belongs to social video. You might remember when early Facebook status updates were mainly text, but soon they were overdriven with images and photos. It is hard to tell and highly unlikely that video will totally overdrive the photos and images, but the odds are heavily in the favour of video.

Now you can easily beat your competition and overall news feed blindness with proven Social Videos, which offer the highest conversion rate among all others available status updates (text, photo, image graphics).

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Moreover, if you need any help with video production, kindly get in touch. We at Video Chef are on top of the things in the field of video expertise. We would be happy to advise on your video content, either “how to” “quote videos” or any other type of animations.

If you have any questions or maybe you would like to exchange a success story related to video, I would be happy to include it in the original article. We’re looking forward to comments or questions you may have.

An update in form of valuable comment on my facebook post by Youtube specialist Ray Lane :

“It`s not a secret that videos work better on Facebook than on Youtube” It’s a secret to me. Facebook video is great, but not even in the same league as YouTube, here’s why….
1. Facebook fakes the view count. If a Facebook video has 10,000 views, it is quite likely a large number of the ‘views’ are people that didn’t watch, but rather that it autoplayed (silently) in there timeline for a few seconds.
2. Facebook videos are gone after a few days. Good videos may do well for a a couple days, but then they are gone, and pretty much unsearchable.
3. YouTube video views are from people that actually chose to watch your video.
4. YouTube videos tend to get a LOT more action from viewers.
5. YouTube videos are discoverable by people searching, meaning that those viewers are much more likely to take action, since they were actively looking for what you created a video for.

I don’t post this to disparage FB video, I think it is useful and effective…. But YouTube is still the king by a long distance (in my testing)