Explainer video Production has been gaining popularity over the years because of the notable benefits that it has been offering to many business owners all over the world.

In this very tight economy, it is very hard to have a stable status in the market. Every business owner should create an effective marketing strategy that will put them at the peak of search engines in order to ensure that many visitors will more likely visit their website, thus increasing their business sales and revenues.

Explainer Video Production Outranks Textual Pages

Video trends are highly famous these days. People often prefer to watch an interesting video rather than reading boring long texts. With an explaination video, you can always outrank every textual page. Since most people are now getting more interested on video animations, they are more inclined to watch videos. In fact, video explainers are ranking highest in various search engine results. Explainer video has actually fifty-three times greater chance of ranking on the 1st result page than any other textual page.

Statistically speaking, those stale web pages and websites are not doing well. Websites containing endless block images and texts rank very low in search engines. This will only mean less exposure. The primary goal of having a business website is to introduce your business to a greater number of audiences. However, if your business website is ranking very low in search engines, the public will not recognize your brand. Your sales volume will become very poor. Moreover, these boring and block images and texts are scaring away your customers who would want to understand your product and services. An animated video will get your potential customers’ attention immediately.

Explainer Video Production Increases Web Traffic

According to studies, video results appear in about seventy percent of the top one-hundred listings in Google. By including an animated video on your business website, creatively explaining your audience about the company what it has to offer, there are great chances that your business website will be listed on top of search engines. Google actually likes to insret explainer videos in its search results.  Google always love videos so you can really obtain the most essential benefits in using video explanation to your website.

Explainer Video production

explainer video production

Furthermore, a website visitor will most likely to stay 2 minutes longer on a website when they can watch interesting video. Putting an explainer video production on your business website will always do an excellent job for your ranking in search engine. Also, according to statistics, demo videos are very helpful elements in order to increase the average time spent of a person on websites from forty-eight seconds to 5 minutes and 22 seconds. Demo videos are highly significant for every business and customer as well. Businesses are advanced technologically or contain complicated products and services need demo videos. These can graphically present all important information to all viewers and will also summarize the message in a simpler way.

SEOMOZ also concluded that posts with attractive videos included will most likely to attract 3x more in-linking domains than just a plain-text post. A well-made post with an explainer video production can grab the interest of a large number of your audience. In order to complement that conclusion, the E-consultancy also estimates that videos in universal search results have a forty-one percent higher click-through rate than plain-text results. This made it clear that explainer videos are far better than those plain and dull textual pages. If you want to optimize your website text, it must contain an effective video.

With the hectic schedule of many people, they do not have enough time reading long texts. In searching for an online company, they always prefer to visit those sites with videos to help them understand more about what it has to offer in a very simple and easy way. This also creates a good partnership between your audience and the company because they are building trust to your company.

Compared to texts, animation videos help your website visitors to retain information. Studies reveal that the average person only retains ten percent of what they read, but fifty percent of what they can see. Explainer videos have the ultimate power to tell various convincing stories about your company. It is also important to take note that Google like the blended approach. It means that you will obtain high ranking on Google listing if you have the combination of images, graphics, sounds, and text which all makes a good explainer. If your business website ranks poor on search engines, you really need explainer video now!
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