Congratulations! You’ve just received your explaination video which had been in production for so long.

You are super excited and can’t wait to put it on your website. It`s like your little toy that you want to show, not only to your prospects but also to your competitors and your friends.

Now you are ready to successfully communicate your business message through all available channels on the internet. Your business website is now able to tell your story through images, great content and now also through animated video.

But having only a video is the same as when you had only a website. Your video is not a self sustained product and as such it is not an end but a means to an end. Just like cars need fuel, your website and video need traffic.

Let`s see how you can maximize and make the best out of your company video.

Because this is a business world, we want to save time through leveraging available means. I`m sure you are a fan of Pareto’s 80/20 rule, so I’m gonna show you how to use the same principle at your video marketing.

List of resources that you’ve gathered during your web video production:

  • video script story or voice over

  • video storyboard

  • business video

…let`s squeeze the juice out and turn these resources into optimized traffic generation sources through the following:

Youtube submission and Video Search Engine Optimization

The first thing you would want to do is to upload your video to Youtube. We know that Youtube is owned by Google since that it is its favourite son. ūüėĬ†Hence, video is easier to rank than any content-filled website.

In order to help Google with your video rankings, you need to equip your video title with keywords which target your audience.  Next you want to fill the description area below the video with hyperlinks and calls to action. You should also populate the description with a unique explanation of what this video is about. Here you`ll use the video script story that you already have. The last thing to do is insert tags, the keywords that are related to your main targeting keyword.

Correctly done SEO for video will increase traffic to your website. Your targeted audience will easily find your video in search engines and Youtube.

After viewers land on your Youtube video, they’ll be able to click on hyperlinks in the description and funnel themselves to your website.

After you have a video in Youtube you can embed the code on your website. We at Video Chef can easily save you time and embed the code for you.

Youtube Advertising

video advertising

youtube advertising

Imagine the road that leads to your biggest competitor in the city. If you could only redirect that road to your business…

With Youtube advertising this is more than possible. Youtube will inject your ad in front of your targeted audience. When your targeted viewer lands on Youtube to watch any video of their choice, Youtube will display your video ad before it will start playing the video. Isn’t that fantastic news? With video ads you are able to literally hijack Youtube traffic and redirect it to your business website.

Since attention spans for Youtube ads are shorter than your Youtube video, we at Video Chef will be more than happy to produce a video ad from your existing website video. Along with that we would also run video advertising campaigns instead of you.

Video Storyboard distribution to PDF/document sharing websites

Since you already have a storyboard, we link your main keyword inside and you can use it to distribute it to numerous PDF/document sharing websites as ocstoc, scribd, issuu, calameo, edocr, box and etc.

Submissions to those sites can help you in terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You’ll be able to gain search engine backlinks and bigger brand exposure which results in an increase of the traffic to your main website.

We at Video Chef would be more than happy to save you time and send your storyboard submission to 60 pdf/doc sharing sites.

Rank your promo video on top of Google and Youtube

You already know that the most quality traffic coming to your website is coming through search engines. This tells you that the best place to have your explanation video is on first page of Google, Youtube or both.

By being in front of an audience you’ll be able to enjoy the best quality traffic to your website. This traffic is looking for your service or brand with an intention in their mind. To put it another way, they are looking for you with an already opened wallet.

There are a lot of various factors that contribute to your video rankings, such as Youtube views, retention span, backlinks, comments, ratings, etc.

Because this is quite a consuming task, we at Video Chef would be more than happy to save you time and rank your video on the front page of Youtube and Google.

Web video distribution to Video sharing websites

Just because everyone is on Youtube doesn’t mean it is the only video sharing website on the internet. There are many other video sites, and because search engines loves them they can provide you backlinks from high pr.

Aside from Youtube submission your video can be submitted to websites like Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Flickr, Photobucket, and Viddler.

In addition to SEO benefits your brand will gain greater web exposure and you’ll receive traffic to your website from completely new traffic sources.

We at Video Chef would be more than happy to save you time and submit your video to over 80 video sharing websites.

Announce your promotional video through a PRESS RELEASE

Once you have your web video, it would be a logical step for you to officially announce it to the world wide web. Here is where a Press Release about your company comes into play.

The goal of Press Releases are to make an announcement and make your news discoverable by people who are looking for your information, topic or company.

Submitting news about your video is interesting because news websites who publish your news have a high traffic of people who are looking for useful topics to write about or mention on their own blogs or social media sites.

If your news about a just-released video is interesting enough, they will put you on their website, and since they already have a following who is interested in your topic, your video and brand can possibly go viral.

Besides backlinks and effecting your website‚Äôs SEO performance, with Press Releases you’ll be able to enjoy a major increase in your brand exposure and consequently increased traffic to your website.

We at Video Chef would be more than happy to save you time and create and submit a Press Release about your video to over 1000 news websites.

Maximize video marketing efforts through the use of retargeting

video marketing approach

video marketing strategy

On top of everything else, to really optimize all your video marketing efforts explained above your website should have retargeting in place.

Retargeting simply means that the ads are following your website visitors until they execute an action on your website that you want from them. If you don‚Äôt utilize this powerful option from advertising networks such as Adroll, Perfect Audience, and Google, you will fall behind your competition because they surely do use retargeting. Just visit them and you’ll see: their ads will haunt you until you become their buyer.

So the first step is driving traffic through video to your website, and then following your visitors with ads until you make a sale.

We at Video Chef would be more than happy to save you time and create retargeting campaign for you.

So there we go. The above add-on options will make a Mercedes out of your video. Since you can’t buy a Mercedes without additional equipment, you are lucky to do so with your web video.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to to take an advantage of everything, you can start with more cost-friendly options such as submission to pdf/document sharing websites and continue from there.

Treat your web presence like an investment; the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. And the value of your virtual presence by time is only going to grow.

The video trend is in upswing and is here to stay. Not adjusting to it is like preparing to fail. Leverage the power of video marketing to do the work for you while you sit back and focus on providing the best service or product to your audience.

Don’t have video yet?

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