For years, we’ve all got involved in the debate over tea and coffee, dogs and cats, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Tea or coffee?

Animated video or Live action video

Dogs or cats?

Animated video or Live action video

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones

Animated video or Live action video

Now, we’ve got a new problem in 2017: When it comes to company videos, which works best – animated or live action videos?

It’s a big question if you need a short, eye-catching, two-minute video that explains what your company is all about. Do you go with a colourful animation? Or would a more realistic live action video get your message across better?

Without the budget for both, you have to make just one choice.

Animated or live action video

Animated video or Live action video

Both have their advantages. Ultimately, deciding which works best for you will depend on a few factors, including what kind of niche you’re in. To help you out, this article takes a look at the advantages of both. Let’s start with …

Animated Explainer Videos

Animation Is Great For Niche Products

Animation works for all kinds of products, but it especially works for niche products that are otherwise hard to sell via live action video.

For example, let’s say you run an SEO company. How are you going to explain what you guys do in a 1-2 minute live action explainer video? It’s going to be tricky, and it may turn out kinda bland. With all your best intentions, it might look totally flat.

This is where animated explainer videos come in. With animation, you can more easily showcase what you guys do with figures, stats, problems that customers have, as well as your benefits.

Animation can help with any niche or industry you’re involved in. It automatically makes it easier for you to explain what you do, and this is its biggest advantage.

Animated Videos Play On Our Emotions

As any pro salesperson will tell you, the key to making a sale is tapping into a potential customer’s’ emotions. You’re looking to make them feel a certain way, and once you can do that you’ve got a great chance of making a sale.

Playing up to a customer’s’ emotions isn’t easy.

How do we make people feel a certain way?

First of all, you need to ignore their brains and go for their hearts. And animations let you do just this.

People aren’t going to keep watching a video that doesn’t speak to them. They’re going to switch off and do something or watch something else. Until you can trigger emotions in them, you’re going to keep missing the target.

Animations are capable of triggering our emotions much more powerfully than live action video. Just look at an image of a cartoon character pulling a sad face and compare it with a man pulling a sad face. The cartoon – despite not even being real – is going to hit you with a sucker punch harder than the man.

This is all down to the theory of cuteness, which proposes that there are certain features seen prominently in cartoon characters that elicit stronger emotions and tug on our heartstrings much more than other features do.

For example, big round eyes are a killer – they can make us do whatever they want us to do!

And the great thing about animations is that we at Video Chef can make them as cute as you want us to!

Animated Videos Are More Creative

What we at Video Chef love about animated explainer videos is that they’re so much more inventive than live action videos.

What do we mean by this?

But an animated character can. An animated character can do whatever you want, which means you’re free to create a more eye-catching and captivating video that presents your products and services much more powerfully.

All sounds good? Animated videos are awesome! Fun, creative and colourful animated explainer videos help your company to stand out from the crowd. But wait … what about live action video? Let’s take a look!

Life action Videos

Life action Videos Are More Human

If live action videos have one obvious advantage other animated videos it’s that they’re more human.

This can be really compelling if the aim of your video is to show the human side of your business.

These kind of videos are compiled out of existing video footage. They result in videos known as promotional or commercials that you see on TV.

Because, as cute as animated videos are, and as much as they can tug on our heartstrings and make us laugh or cry, they can’t mimic pure human emotion the way actual human beings can.

There are some companies that need to make a proper human connection. For example, a traveling agency that targets high-end clients would be better suited to live action videos that have a human interest.

It’s all about knowing your audience and what they’d respond to best. If it’s in your brands interest to focus on the human factor rather than populate your video with cartoon characters, this is what you should do.

Life Action Videos Show How Your

Products Appear In Real Life

A lot of the time, audiences want to see how something works in a real life situation. And a live action video can show this.

Let’s say that you’ve just launched a company that sells a specific type of handbag.
-handgbag video

People usually don’t buy handbags simply because they perform a function. A handbag is used to store things in, such as lipstick and makeup – but most often, people choose their handbags based on how the bag makes them feel.

It’s the same with designer sunglasses. We don’t buy expensive sunglasses just because they shade our eyes from the sun. We buy them because of how they make us feel.

Life Action Videos Demonstrate How Your

Website, Saas or App works in Real Time

If your business lies in web applications, the most appropriate way to show how your software works is with walkthrough video. These kind of videos go under the name of screencast video and tutorial video. Their aim is to be instructional and to guide prospects with detailed step by step video guidelines.

The best way to show how your products look and work in real life (especially expensive products) is with a live action video.

Life Action Videos Make Most Pleasant Introductions-spokesperson video

Live action videos or spokesperson videos, are almost mandatory for service sector. In most cases, these are businesses which, after conversion (a call) require human correspondence. Hence best use we see in local businesses, crowdfunding campaigns and business where trust plays a significant role in conversion (loans, credits, insurance, etc).

Ideal scenario is if business owner himself or at least somebody from the company appears in front of camera. If this is not possible, then we hire a professional spokesperson who does the job instead of you.

These kind of videos provide prospects with best user experience in form of a general likeability interaction, trust and personal connection. All this results in an increased prospect conversion when video ends.

Life Action Videos Don’t Take As Long To Produce

One of the problems with animated explainer videos is that they can take a fair bit of time to put together.

Live action videos, on the other hand, can be shot, edited and coloured in just a few days. There is no need to construct any digital assets from the ground up!

Final Verdict

Choosing between live action and animation for your explainer video really does come down to what is an objective of the video and who is your targeted audience. Animation is more creative and fun, while live action is more personal. Both have their advantages, but in general, animated videos are for products, while live action videos are for services.

We at Video Chef, are the fun-loving video experts and as you see from above examples, we excel at both kinds of videos. We understand the importance of a quality video when it comes to explaining your company and what it does. It is in our interest to address your prospects in their prefered way and hence get your message through and increase your sales.

We’re home to a creative, friendly and super inventive team who is bursting with ideas and talent. We work on your video from initial idea to final execution, helping to take your business onto the next level.

Want to find out what kind of video would work best for you? Take the first step towards getting a video by filling out the contact form below!